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    Tucson Survivors Seek Beefed-Up Gun Checks

    Those are the kinds of stories that can be "kept in a can" until they're needed.
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    USPS Story

    That's exactly what I was wondering. It wuddn't none of his bizznus.
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    Oregon Open-Carry

    HEY!! You stop pick'n on Mexifornia!! (Uh............maybe its Calexico?!!)
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    WA state residents: Ceasefire wants to ban O.C.

    Wyoming too I believe.
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    The Canton Incident - All Charges Dropped!!!

    I wonder who'll be doing the reviewing, the Canton PD?
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    Not All Shooters Respect the Law or Other People.

    The members of a PA gun club need to learn a few things about human decency. :mad:
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    Gun Control Facts

    Here is some interesting information in this regard.
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    Gun Control Facts

    Indeed its difficult at best to establish a cause/effect relationship between gun ownership and crime stats.
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    Perfect Packin' Pistols?

    I've notice quite a number of morons on YouTube under ANY topic!
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    Self Defense, From Your Attorney's Point Of View...

    I see you are from Oklahoma. That's a good place to be if you make a good SD shoot. MOST places in CA are good too, believe it or not, but the big cities are a different pot of stew. I'd not want to get charged in an SD shooting in Berkeley.
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    Self Defense, From Your Attorney's Point Of View...

    Let's not forget that business about being innocent until proven guilty in front of a jury of your peers.
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    Funniest thing that's ever happened to you while shooting.

    I've got the same problem, I'm 68. Trouble is all the gals have wised up to those tricks and they're on the lookout for anything else we try!!
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    Starting a NJ based FFL from Home

    I stand corrected.
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    Illinois concealed carry ban maybe Overturned

    Truth of the matter is there are NO absolute rights. They ALL have restrictions. That's life.
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    Starting a NJ based FFL from Home

    Try to remember this. The ATF has the right to show up, unannounced, at any time of the day or night and ransack your place of business. If that happens to be your home, plan on your privacy being pretty well wiped out. The can grab your kid's computer on the shallowest of pretenses. Your...
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    Flash Mobs In Phila

    Oh, by all means, lets be sure and get the terminology correct!!
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    Flash Mobs In Phila

    Oh yeah. Obeying the law ALWAYS guarantees you'll not have to worry about a thing!
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    Legality of Bullet Casting Business

    You'd best contact the BATF and have them send you some info.
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    Going to Prison If Firearm used in Yellowstone NP in Self-Defense

    HORSE FEATHERS!! That's absurd beyond belief!! What you need is a REASONABLE belief the bear is going to attack.
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    RFID chips in guns?

    I'd be very suprised if this ever got by SCOTUS.