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    Recoil Limit

    I used to have a pretty high tolerance for recoil. I have previously shot some "big" caliber guns: A Rigby .470 Nitro Express double rifle which had a real sizable "push" but wasn't a particularly sharp "hit" to the shoulder you knew that something really big came out the other end. I also shot...
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    Colt Python: why so valuable?

    If given a choice between a Python and a Colt Shooting Master both in like new condition, I would choose the Shooting Master - Without a doubt.
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    .357 magnum or 45 colt decisions decisions..

    With a hot load, you get legitimate deer killing performance out of the .357
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    Opinions on the best Hi-Cap pistol in 9mm

    Since I already own a CZ75B and a couple of Hipowers, I'll have to "vote" for either a Walther P88 or Sig P210. I like blued steel.
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    Gun death solutions from the firearms community?

    The Second Amendment isn't about crime or crime rates. It's about pre-existing rights that can't be taken away.
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    How pro 2A is Colorado?

    Sheriffs' have been ignoring the magazine law.
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    The worst ammunition you've ever shot?

    Magtech .38 Special - Two complete misfires and one squib that lodged in the barrel of my Colt OMM. Luckily, I was able to extract the bullet without any further damage.
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    Cross-draw: when is it okay?

    Some ranges, ours included, DO NOT allow cross draw holsters - Too easy to flash yourself especially when running against the clock.
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    Colt Python NIB - Clean or No?

    Funny that there are many more NIB Pythons today than there were 10 years ago. What's the point? An "investment?" I own several Colt revolvers, all of which are worth a LOT more than 10 years ago. They all get shot. I sure as heck am not going to leave an unfired gun to my heirs. This "snake...
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    One in the chamber

    Moot point if you carry a revolver.
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    Poll for shooters over 40 years of age

    9mm for me. I happen to like my BHPs better than any other pistol.
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    What is your best 357 revolver?

    My "best" - or "favorite" is my 1957 Colt Model 3-5-7. The gun has a single action trigger that is the very best I've ever experienced. They didn't make too many of these and collectors have discovered them and because of their quality and scarcity, are getting pretty expensive. I still shoot it...
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    Colt Trooper MkIII: Yea or Nay?

    The trigger on a MkIII can't be modified. It's a "get what you get" proposition. Some are pretty rough, others can actually be quite good. The cast pieces (MIM) can't be smoothed out because the hardened surfaces are very thin. I have a MkIII that has a reasonably good trigger and it has proven...
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    POLL: Which .357s Do You Own??

    Colt 6" MkIII Colt 4" Model 3-5-7 (better than a Python - my opinion, of course)
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    Colt 3-5-7

    This is an often overlooked revolver. Not many were produced and they're getting more valuable every day. Think of it as a Python without the barrel shroud. If you are going to use yours as a shooter, you might consider changing the grips as the full checker grips have become incredibly...
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    POLL: Which .357s Do You Own??

    I own two Colts: A Mk III 6" Blue Trooper (1975) A 4" Blue Model 357 (1957) The model 357 is often referred to by many as a "pre-Python." I actually prefer it over the snake guns. It's action is all hand-fitted and finish is beautiful.
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    How to carry on a motorcycle

    I ride a BMW RT sport touring bike. I have equipped it with a tank bag that has a quick access pocket on it. I think it was designed for holding toll $$ and such, but now it's home for my S&W model 36. I really like the bag and use it to hold what normally goes in my pockets as well (wallet...
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    Dick's Sporting Goods is anti?

    Anti? I don't really know their politics. I would call Dick's hypocritical, however, because though they do not sell handguns, they do sell ammunition for handguns. Their "specials" are really not that special. Example: A so-called special on Remington 12 gauge target loads is advertised in...
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    Browning Hi-Power vs. Cz-75

    I currently own both: A BHP MKIII and a CZ 75B. In terms of accuracy and reliability, they are equal. Neither have ever misfed or stovepiped and are capable of shooting better than their owner. The differences really come down to fit and features. The CZ, as some posters have observed is...
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    Should I get a BHP or a CZ-75

    I own both. They are similar in layout, but very different guns all the same. The BHP is slimmer and is finished to a higher degree than the CZ. An earlier post mentioned the BHP trigger and magazine safety. Mine has had the safety removed and the trigger is excellent now. BTW - the CZ does...