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    Gun stickers on cars

    I support the Second Amendment but...:rolleyes:
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    Be Honest; How many bought ammo today?

    None. Honest.
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    Damn, I have a $160 range bag :P

    Looks like a boating accident waiting to happen.:evil:
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    Let's Make a Deal-NFA and UBC's

    How many times have we had this "deal" thread? And, the overwhelming answer has always been the same.
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    Only buy this gun when NIB...

    For Sale: KGB rectal gun. Only 1 round down the pipe. Near mint condition. :evil:
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    A challenge for the president

    Not gonna happen. The teleprompter reader will be speechless.
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    Hate Rhetoric: New York Daily News Labels NRA’s LaPierre ‘Terrorist’

    I agree. At least they outed John Edwards for the slime ball that he is.
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    GUN PORN! (Yes, it’s out there)!

    Agree, also. But, the correct terminology is gun pr0n.:D
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    What's the next shoe to drop in Federal legislation?

    I'm surprised it's not locked, already. To me, this kind of "blue skying" is at the same level as SHTF topic.
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    How many times have you heard this?

    And, who here still want to buy a Remington R51, after reading about it on the internet?
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    How many times have you heard this?

    I do NOT buy guns from Blackthorne/Vulcan/Hesse, Jennings, Phoenix, Raven, Lorcin, Jimenez, Davis, Bryco, etc., and I never had personal experience with them.:evil:
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    Gun death solutions from the firearms community?

    Here's the problem that some, or even many, gun owners do not realize. Or maybe, they're in denial. The ultimate goal of the anti side is the eventual total ban of private firearm ownership, period. They can tell you otherwise, but they're just lying to you to lull you into a comfortable...
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    Gallery Of Pairs-Consecutive & Identical

    There can't be such a thing as "consecutive & identical", but I'll try, anyway.:evil:
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    Great "the Gun, not my son"

    You don't give liars and half-truth tellers a break. You meet them head on and expose them for what they are.:rolleyes:
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    Is it rude to ask someone if they are carrying?

    I'm pretty sure ROAshooter was referring to TruthTellers' statement (in post #13) that it's not rude to ask someone if they have AIDS. To TruthTellers, it's really not rude to ask anything. If you think it's not rude to go around and ask folks if they have AIDS, well then, as ROAshooter said...
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    Is it rude to ask someone if they are carrying?

    The other person doesn't have to answer anything. But, just because you don't to answer doesn't mean it's not rude.
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    Ever been asked to hold a strangers gun?

    I don't see what the big deal is, in your specific scenario, as described. It's not like he went into the restroom, asked some guy in there to hold it for him (no pun intended), while he urinated.:p
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    Not Sure If I Agree With This...

    Mind telling us how it's going cause harm? My opinion? It's just marketing gimmick. Some sale gimmicks I don't care for, others I like. This one I like. Not because of the "Muslim terrorists won't use it" BS, but because of the cross and the Bible verse on the gun.:)