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    .44 Russian in a Marlin 1894?

    Capacity mainly. That, and just because. I like shooting .22 shorts in my Marlin 39 sometimes, this would be tantamount to the same thing on a larger scale I reload, and .44 Russian brass is right around the same price as .44 Mag.
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    .44 Russian in a Marlin 1894?

    I was wondering, have any of you ever tried .44 Russian through a .44 Magnum levergun?
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    A sprinfield xd for 3 gun?

    In general, longer sight radius is your friend when it comes to accurate shooting. How much more is the Tactical than the standard in your area? How does it balance in your hand with a full magazine as opposed to the standard?
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    Looking for a folding knife & bottle opener...

    I'm beginning to sound like a broken record in this area, but I'll advise the Waved Endura, or the Waved Delica (as CZ.22 previously suggested.) I've opened many-a frosty barley pop with my Endura.
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    Bought an Asp..

    Don't forget that strikes are only half of the equation with batons. Locks, chokes, and throws all can be applied with a little training.
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    Replacing my Endura for EDC - Benchmade?

    Two Words: Waved Endura Of all the locking folders I've carried, this is my favorite by a long sea mile.
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    Just ordered a Hanwei Rapier

    Practicing with a heavy (real) weapon will make you better at the game. I'm into FMA. I practice with a 36" hickory stick, and when I pick up a regular rattan escrima stick it feels like nothing. The same can be said of a real rapier and a foil. You will be stronger in the long run for...
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    Would you feel comfortable with a pocket .380?

    I like them both, though the P3AT is slightly easier to hide.
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    Linder Mark 2

    You are correct. They are stainless under a painted black surface. For $35 I expected more. $4 Tramontinas perform much better, though they do rust if not properly cared for.
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    Linder Mark 2

    I had a Linder machete. I paid more for it than any other machete I've ever owned and it was by far the worst performer. It would not hold an edge for beans. I ended up giving it away.
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    Springfield/Savage 120 Single Shot .22LR?

    Hey Ya'll, I just lucked into a gunsmith special Springfield 120A single shot .22 rifle. I've torn it down and isolated the problem (I think) and am about to order the part I need. Anyhow, I was wondering if any of you know anything about these dead simple guns. Are there any problems...
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    Why is this an issue at all?

    Who said anything about drawing lines? Are you familiar with the "slippery slope" logical fallacy? I'm afraid you have fallen into one in this case. It seems that you 'feel' that I am slighting Glocks. Glocks are good guns. As I said, I own two. I wouldn't own them if I thought they were...
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    Why is this an issue at all?

    Not at all. Most anything useful is dangerous to some extent; From bullets to garden hoses. Where did you get the idea that I would disallow Glocks because they are dangerous? All I am saying is that I think there are better thought out ways of disassembling a gun.
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    336 with a bayonet

    Most leverguns area structurally weak in design. One reason we never adopted a levergun as a military arm is the inherent weakness of the stock/action juncture when subjected to extreme forces... eg bashing an enemy across the head. Add to that the relative frailty of the mag tube, and it...
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    .303 Brit surp ammo - pics and questions

    Do you hear that? That's the sound of me seething with jealousy. Seriously though, that HXP is very good stuff. It is reloadable, but the primers are crimped if memory serves. I think you will need a swager or reamer to seat new primers.
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    Dream revolver

    What he said... Only I want mine in .45 ACP, moon clipped.
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    Martindale machetes?

    I've been wanting to try out their golok for some time now. I've never seen one for sale over here though...
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    Why is this an issue at all?

    I say this as the satisfied owner of two Glocks. It is a bad choice in design. As competent as you or I may be, as fastidious as we are when checking or triple checking that the gun is unloaded, there are legions of folks out there that are not. There are better methods for taking down pistols.
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    Berreta Px4

    I work at an indoor range/gunshop and we have one for rent. Most everyone who has tried it likes it. I've not seen any failures to feed or eject even when quite dirty, and it is reasonably accurate. I don't personally like DA/SA guns, but if I did, the Px4 would be on my short-list.