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    case trimmer: Which one to get?

    None of the above, at least not for accuracy and precision. Nothing really beats the Wilson case trimmers. They're also fairly fast to use. You need a specific shell holder for each case taper, but that's relatively easy to deal with. You can find 'em at, and I also...
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    Best AR Muzzle Brake?

    Yeah, what he said... Some of those in the photo are more flash hider than muzzle brake - you need the ported internals with a properly sized muzzle hole for them to work well for recoil management. And compensators which have asymmetrical porting will result in asymmetrical accuracy - also...
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    Best AR Muzzle Brake?

    Guys, I'm making some... The story: Lotta crap happened, and I'm now playing "Fifty Year Old Apprentice Machinist" with a buddy of mine who I met at the Knob Creek machine gun shoots... My background is precision shooting, all that fun anal-retentive stuff. So, I was staring at the lathe...
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    Anyone interested in a 1.7" black powder mortar?

    I'm going to try to keep the mortar cost under $250 shipped. Cannons will be higher, just because of material, dealing with the longer bore, and heavier shipping weight. If you can't keep your dog from chasing a projectile that will be going several hundred yards, maybe you need a different...
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    What (gun related things) did you do to pass the time for the blizzard of 2011?

    Worked on the drawings for a golf ball mortar and a tennis ball cannon... both to be machined from ordnance steel and fired with black powder and fuse...
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    a tale of a misinformed boy

    Some folks think that Asperger's syndrome is part of the autistic spectrum... Gunfire is kinda calming to me... Then again, I feel more like I'm at home when I'm at a range than when I'm anywhere else. Currently geeking on stuff around a machine shop. Tres kewl. As for the original post...
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    Anyone interested in a 1.7" black powder mortar?

    This thread is 1116 days old, but what the heck... I'm now basically living within a couple of miles of the machine shop (or a day's hike in the snow - sigh...). And it looks like we're going to do a run of the golf ball mortars, maybe a few cannons, maybe a few tennis ball mortars/cannons...
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    How to become a gunsmith

    I'm probably going to go with a manufacturing license, since there are some items I wish to build and produce. Right now, I'm helping in a friend's precision machine shop, learning how stuff works...
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    what's more acurate, shooting a handgun traditional, or sideways

    Holding the boomstick canted sideways is only more accurate if you have two concepts working simultaneously: 1) You have to have excellently loud background music 2) You have to have a camera rolling
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    Is this really legal to own without regstration?

    We're getting ready to make a few black powder golf ball mortars, and we'll have a prototype available for fondlage at our table A19 at Knob Creek... Lots of folks have reproduction cannons, etc...
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    The plight of a Gunstore Owner.

    A sure way to not really learn a lot is to already know it all... I'll get folks who learned All About Guns from video games and movies come up to the tables at gun shows, and it seems like they are so intent on impressing everyone with their "knowledge," that you can't teach them without...
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    Actually finding a good penetrating oil?

    I really like Kroil - The stuff is safe to use, and will crawl behind a whole lot of stuff.
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    Elmer Fudd, the not-so-savvy gunseller...

    What I love are the guys who walk up to your table at a gun show, and ask "So, do you have any AK-47s (when what's on the the table is an M14 and a FAL with double snaildrum mags)? Or... "How much do you want for your SKS ammo?" which is sometimes shortly followed by... "How can you...
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    If you don't have consistency, you don't get accuracy, precision, or the cold frosty beer after you whup up on your buddies at the range... You're the one buying the beer. A rifle capable of shooting a 2" group -might- hit the bullseye. and sometimes, all the shots accidentally go into a...
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    A large number of people believe that because they always get their deer that they've got a VERY accurate rifle. What they have is patience, a good hunting skill set, and a rifle that'll group inside 4" - does it "hit the fur?" Then it's good enough for most hunters. John, I've had my photo...
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    Haven't been to the supershoot for a coupla years - did they switch from shooting group to shooting score? If a rifle won't shoot sub 1/4 MOA groups, it sure won't be accurate for score shooting, much less group shooting... (BTW, wanna buy an ugly, but accurate, Panda with barrels in 6PPC...
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    Was that Accuracy or Precision? Neither. If you can put five shots in one hole, then you can move the hole around. I hate it when someone sees some of my targets, and their first comment is "You missed the bullseye!" Cluebat: When you shoot out an aiming point by shooting -at- it, your...
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    Gun Show Curmudgeon

    Well, Bubba, then you're not one of my customers, so I'm not going to worry about you. And the dealer's job is to make a profit while staying out of trouble. "Selling guns to customers" may be a part of that, but this ain't Walmart, and we don't have to smile while someone's adorable little...
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    Gun Show Curmudgeon

    As a gun show vendor, I -really- don't like folks pawing through stuff at random... I'm trying to keep an eye on two-three tables of stuff, some of it fairly high dollar. If Daddy walks up, and says explicitly "I'm looking for a boomstick for Junior," there's no problem. HOWEVER, if Daddy walks...
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    Gander mountain FAIL at gun smithing services

    I wonder - would it be worth it to see if we can get someone from GM to go online and participate in one of the world's largest shooting forums? Does anyone know anyone?