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    Most accurate 9mm for under $1000

    CZ SP01 tactical with a trigger job or and CZ with a trigger job for that matter. Browning Hi-Power Glock34 with mods
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    New to shotguns, which one?

    Mossberg 500 or Rem 870, both have sold well over 10 million shotguns. I prefer mossberg for various reasons, YMMV.
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    Walther opening plant in Arkansas.

    #2. Welcome to Arkansas. :)
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    The CZ Club

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    The CZ Club

    Recently aquired a CZ SP-01. Pics to follow. :cool:
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    Whats your EDC knife?

    Kershaw Blur Tanto Serrated
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    Single shot 12

    What's a good option for a single 12? I want it to be rugged and sturdy enough to last a lifetime or more. I don't want a fancy pants shotgun, but I want it to look nice. Any suggestions appreciated. :cool:
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    Pics of your...

    Love 10/22's
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    So this is what your supposed to do, because guns are inappropriate.

    That's a pretty hard one to dispute....I mean batman can do it for gimmeneys sake........ :rolleyes:
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    SP101 in 357

    You got a sweet gun. I love the SP101 in .357. Needs a trigger job though.
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    Oh my eyes, Hogue should be ashamed!

    That's ugly!!! I like it.... :neener:
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    shooting at delaware courthouse hours before biden gives anti-gun speech in philly

    I'm no conspicary guy, but things sure seem hokey pokey lately...... :scrutiny:
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    If you could only have 20 guns, lifetime, what would they be?

    Handguns: Browning Buckmark CZ SP-01 Shadow .40S&W Dan Wesson Valor .45acp Dan Wesson CBOB .45acp Ruger LCR S&W M&P40c PMR 30 S&W Governor S&W model 60 .357mag S&W model 629 .44mag S&W 617 10 shot .22lr Long guns: Ruger 10/22 carbine Ruger 10/22 rifle Spikes AR-15 .223/5.56...
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    Bank of America and the 2nd amendment.

    These communists are in BO's wonder.
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    Glock 22 Grip Chop

    Looks pretty good! I'm glad to see folks customizing to their wants!
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    glock27 holster

    lol I bought a pocket nemesis and a DeSantis mini scabbard. I like both types of carry pretty well but I prefer the mini scabbard. :cool:
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    Educate Me on Gen 4 Glocks vs Gen 3's.

    I found the changable backstraps handy. Maybe it's just me, but the trigger feels better on the Gen 4's.
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    Today a neighbor showed me...

    Maybe he just wanted to "support his LGS!" like I see chanted on the www........ :neener:
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    Secret Service to interview Ted Nugent - NRA speech

    I didn't see any threat....... Where's the media coverage and outrage over the black panthers statements? Farrakan? Etc.....??? :fire:
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    A THR knife PICTURE thread?!?!

    BKT kukri