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    Getting out of the semi automatic game....

    I'm doing the same thing and am down to an XD40 which has a sale pending and my Dan Wesson 1911, which I will be keeping. My wife and daughters don't care for semi-autos and I have always preferred revolvers. Good information in this thread. I have 1,600 rounds of 9mm and am mulling over...
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    Western hunting- glass or hike?

    Bingo! My two favorite hobbies combined! Now I have an excuse to buy more bike gear as well. It will help me put more meat on the table.
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    Frustrated with five shot revolvers

    Chilibreath, OP here. I appreciate your insightful and level-headed response and also for not accusing me of being lazy or giving up because I don't enjoy shooting my 642 and am not that proficient with it at long distances. To each their own. I'm never going to need to hit an eight inch steel...
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    Serious Test of an Untried SubCompact

    Thanks for the report! I held one in 9mm for the first time the other day and liked it quite a lot. I have three XD pistols; XD9 SC, XD9 4" and XD40 4". I'll probably get an XDs in 9. The .40S&W is due out early next year.
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    Frustrated with five shot revolvers

    JJE, sounds like I'm going the same direction you went. I chose the 642 partly because my wife did not want to carry a semi-auto,so I bought her the LCR, which she likes. I carried it from time to time and then got my 642. I quit carrying my XD9 SC shortly thereafter. I'm thinking both my wife...
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    Frustrated with five shot revolvers

    You all are correct. Practice, practice, practice. I do this on all my other guns. It's probably time for me to go back to me XD9 SC or get the XDs9. I like revolvers. I have a 4" 686 Plus that I love shooting and am very proficient at. Guess I'm not a J frame guy. Thanks for all your input.
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    Frustrated with five shot revolvers

    You are correct. I don't shoot the gun near as much as I should. I probably need to upgrade the grip. I just never warmed up to it. If that's an excuse, so be it, but the XDs 9mm is probably my next gun. Even if I become proficient with the 642, it still only has five shots, and I don't want to...
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    Frustrated with five shot revolvers

    Went to the range and shot my obligatory 20 rounds of FMJ 130 grain from my 642 with the standard grip. As usual, my hand hurt like heck afterwards. My wife has a Ruger LCR .38+P that is not quiet so hard on the hand but still not enjoyable. I can't hit the broad side of a barn with my 642. I...
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    This is waaay of topic, but when I hear someone say "I was born and bred" in such and such state, it makes me cringe, and I am embarrassed for them. Animals are bred. I'm pretty sure they meant to say "I was born and raised." A girl I know proudly proclaimed she was born and bred in Texas. I...
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    A fragment of my past

    Guess I'll quit complaining about the pencil lead still buried in my hand from 40 years ago...
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    Ok own up. Who admits to watching sons of guns

    I could type some long, rambling post listing all the things wrong with the show, but this word says it all; CONTRIVED.
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    Confusion at the gun counter

    It's amazing how some of these guys can stay in business so long. He's been around at least 30 years. Our town is not huge; maybe 8,000 proper and 60,000 in the entire county, but we have a lot of traffic from the towns farther out that drive through on the way to the DFW metro. He must survive...
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    Confusion at the gun counter

    ...correct way to spell it, calls him a bunch of names, and goes into a tirade. My friend finally tells him he can take his rifle and stick it up his **s! Last story. same guy. An ATF agent comes in for a routine look at the books, and this guy is convinced he is part of an illegal sting...
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    Commercial hog bait and trap wise hogs

    MC, our 200 acres is NW of Fort Worth. My BIL built a beautiful 16x4x4 aluminum frame and cattle panel trap with guilletine door and has been running a very successful wildlife feeding program with it. He has some awesome deer pictures but not much else to show for his efforts. We have...
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    Range horror. I hope you're sitting down for this, I've never seen anything like it.

    +1 You need to be very careful about calling CPS in any situation. Have your facts straight. Remember this as hard as it is to grasp. It is not against the law to be a bad parent. It is against the law to be a neglectful or abusive parent. We have lots of bad parents out there. I worked with...
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    Okla. Hogs............

    who says you need an AR with 90 round magazines to kill hogs! Great shooting and some nice looking hogs.
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    a year of firsts.

    nice bear and nice rifle!
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    What is it about revolvers we like so much?

    Well, you all brought up many of the same reasons I prefer them over semi-autos. There is one other big reason I prefer them that was not mentioned unless I overlooked the post. When you are selecting personal defense ammo, you don't have to spend a ton of money to see which bullets will...
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    What is it about revolvers we like so much?

    I'm 48 and been shooting and hunting off and on since I was in my teens. I have owned many semi-auto pistols in polymer and steel; 9mm, .40S&W and .45 ACP. I have owned SA XDs, Rugers, S&W M&Ps and other brands. I can never warm up to them and eventually sell them. However, I have a 686 Plus 4"...
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    Winchester Repeating Arms Company vs USRAC

    I've shared my thoughts on the FN made Model 70s many times on this forum. In my opinion, and the opinion on many others on this forum, the new Model 70s are excellent rifles. They are just as good as the pre-64 models. I might dare to say they are even better in some cases. I have a friend who...