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    Best 9mm 1911?

    Not sure they qualify, but my Springfield EMPs (I have both 3" and 4") have been excellent.
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    Pistol caliber carbines - why didn’t I know?

    Never was very interested in the PC carbines until I recently found a Ruger LC carbine in .45 ACP. I find it to be well-made and finally in a more potent round, and what a blast to shoot. I put a Vortex Sparc on it and at my range, shooting 6" steel from back as far as 50 yards, almost never...
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    Springfield Ronin 10mm

    Just acquired one of these. Very impressed. It has absolutley the tightest fit of any pistol I have ever owned, even better than my Gold Cup. Need some range time now.
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    Going a bit bonkers for Berettas

    My M9 is very good, but what has sold me is the Beretta 92X Compact. My favorite carry piece. Absolutely the best DA/SA trigger I've ever used, and it's not even the Langdon trigger I've read about.
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    Ruger LC Carbine 45 ACP

    Shot three mags at my range today. Trigger is good and crisp. Recoil is there but no issue. I put a Vortex Sparc optic on it and shot 6" steel targets at anywhere from 7 to 25 yards and hit almost every one repeatedly. So far I'm very pleased with this rifle.
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    Ruger LC Carbine 45 ACP

    My LGS had two and I just bought one. Very impressed at first impression, will get to the range this week. Like the comments, I have very good feelings about the .45acp on this carbine.
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    Ruger LC carbine .45 comments?

    This is the first time I've ever asked for comment on this forum and received no replies at all. My LGS said the rifle is so new nobody has one. He had two and now I've got one. Have not been to the range yet but first impression is very good. It feels very solid and well made. Nothing...
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    Ruger LC carbine .45 comments?

    Any experience or reviews?
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    Need rec's on a sturdy ladder stand

    A friend has several Rivers Edge stands on my farm, he likes them and they seem well made.
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    Try muzzleloader?

    All interesting. I believe I'd adapt to single shot because I frequently used a Ruger No. 1 anyway, and I've become much more comfortable hunting woods with shots 50 to 75 yards. Probably good for me to learn something new and it would be a new shooting experience.
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    Try muzzleloader?

    Always hunted deer with centerfire rifle. Never took to bowhunting. But, our state permits a couple of weeks of muzzleloader hunting at the beginning of archery season, and getting to hunt in September during the rut is appealing. I'd appreciate the thoughts/comments of anyone who has taken...
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    Beretta 92X Quality

    My 92X Compact has been flawless, as has my M9. The 92X has become my favorite pistol.
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    Those asking for advice on which handgun to carry or how to carry

    We're being hard on people with honest questions. Someone who has no or little experience with guns will of course ask questions, without knowing which questions to ask. It's good that they ask. I try to encourage a new shooter as best I can by asking for more information about their...
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    Anybody familiar with the Vortex SPARC Red Dot?

    I have these on two ARs. Completely satisfied. I had started with an EOTech, at more than double the price and less reliable.
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    What is the nicest gun you were ever given as a gift?

    Best was a Colt SAA in .38 Sp. Next a JM marked 336. A Stevens .22-.410 O/U. A Beretta .32 auto. I have benefitted from the old "we have grandchildren now and my wife doesn't want this old gun around the house" thing.
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    Mini 14 Magazines

    I've had after-market mags for a -14 but I'd go with Rugers when you can find them.
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    Marlin / Ruger 45-70

    The Ruger-built 1985s seem to be rare. Mine is the only one I've seen and I've been in several large chain gun departments. I wanted mine the moment I picked it up and have no regrets. It's smooth, tight and very well finished. From my main stand this last season the longest shot I could...
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    .204 Recommendation??

    Have a Ruger No. 1 in .204. Have not shot it much but I like No. 1s very much and couldn't pass this one up.
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    I’m done buying “range bags”

    I've been switching to tool bags from Duluth Trading, which are flexible, very tough, lots of pockets.
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    Your personal carry rules/guidelines

    I carry what concealable handgun I would like to have in my hand if I need it. Basically for me that rules out snubbies and mouse calibers. I don't go with a gun to places where I would not go without a gun. I practice and get professional training. I know that I'm not a LEO, or a wannabe...