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  1. morcey2

    New to me S&W Airweight 38 Special

    Thanks everyone. I'll look into Hogue or Pachmayr grips. Yeah, I looked up the weight on those. 11 oz unloaded? That really just sounds like it was designed by a sadist. It's a 642-2. I'm really good at both of those. I'm hoping to get more revolvers. I really want to get a...
  2. morcey2

    New to me S&W Airweight 38 Special

    Been gone for a while (from the entire forum, not just revolvers. Not sure if I've ever posted in this sub-forum.) While I was gone, I got remarried. My new wife's late husband had several guns that she wasn't aware of. She knew he had some but didn't know anything about them. My late wife...
  3. morcey2

    American 8mm Mauser really just a 30-30?

    8mm Mauser lawyer-loads were the reason I started handloading. My hunting load is a 200NP @ 2550 out of my dad's M44 Spanish mauser. (Previously bubba'd so I put a scope on it.) Shoots 1.5" @ 100 yards. Haven't shot a deer with it yet, though. I also load Nosler HPBT at about the same...
  4. morcey2

    How did you start??

    I watched my grandpa do some reloading when I was 8 or 9. But I didn't really pay attention to it then. How I really got started was owning a bunch of 8x57 rifles and not being able to get decent hunting rounds for them. I knew it would do much better than the 30-30-ish ballistics from the...
  5. morcey2

    Barrel length on a bolt gun

    If you watch the Lord of the Rings movies, you'll not only see trees standing, but actually running and attacking a fortified tower. Not sure why that's being brought up in a hunting-rifle thread. :rofl: I'd go with 22" or longer. One of my favorite guns is a 7x57 w/ a 20" barrel that I...
  6. morcey2

    The rifle humor thread

    Red loctite strikes again! :D Matt
  7. morcey2

    Favorite song lyrics mentioning a firearm.

    "Cleaning My Gun" by Mark Knopfler
  8. morcey2

    H - 4350 7MM08

    I haven't used it in 7mm08 but I have a couple of 7x57 rifles and they (7mm08 and 7x57) are very similar with the 57 having a little more case capacity. H4350 and IMR-4064 are my go-to's for 7x57 and H4350 should work very well in 7mm08. Matt
  9. morcey2

    Do you name your guns?

    I've named some of mine just for fun. They end up being named after composer or hockey players, etc. related to their history. My first VZ-24 is named Hejduk (pronounced hey-duke) after a Czech hockey player My Finn captured M91-30 is named Sibelius. My CZ-82 is named Smetana. There are a...
  10. morcey2

    2019 - 2020 Newly Proposed Firearm Bills

    I think it has more to do with the state and local governments being able to prosecute people for the violations than having to depend on the feds to do it for a federal violation since that prosecution rarely happens. That's the basics that I got from one of our local lawyers who knows more...
  11. morcey2

    finish my swiss k11 308 converted project

    Yep. Use them all the time. I built a JTM45 clone with Shuguang KT66s (think Norinco, but for vacuum tubes) that are beam tetrodes. Sounded absolutely awesome when cranked. Had to bias them a little hotter than normal otherwise they sounded kinda brittle. Had to sell it to cover some medical...
  12. morcey2

    Oregon Trail Sold Out?

    Last time I bought from Oregon Trail, I died of dysentery. :neener:
  13. morcey2

    Ever detonated a primer when priming?

    I've had one go off while depriming live primers. I was using a lee universal decapping die and the press handle slipped out of my hand. THAT was loud, even with hearing protection. :what: Surprises always seem louder than they really are. That was 4 or 5 years ago and I don't remember if I...
  14. morcey2

    9MM JR headstamp

    People keep asking that, but it just doesn't make sense. I've yet to see brief primed or, even worse, thong primed cases. (It's amazing what cold medicine will do to one's brain.) :D Matt
  15. morcey2

    Shooting stuffs......

    For pumpkins, poke a little hole in the top and fill them with water. It makes them more explodier.... unless they've already been turned into jack-o-lanterns (jacks-o-lantern?). Still not as awesome as a watermelon, but pretty fun. People shooting has never been particularly popular with...
  16. morcey2

    I know you've got one...

    I picked up a Yugo-capture K98k from a pawn shop for $100 about 6 years ago. It had the front half of a steel case stuck in the chamber and the barrel was unscrewed about 20 degrees. Gunsmith charged about $50 to get the case out and tighten down the barrel. It headspaced perfectly after that...
  17. morcey2

    A purdy' Ankara Turkish M93 Mauser followed me home

    I think you're definition of "Greatest" and my definition differ somewhat. :D
  18. morcey2

    Its a firearm, not a Swiss Army knife.

    At least it isn't a French Army Knife. That consists of a 2" blade that can't be sharpened, a 5-foot-long lightweight tent pole, and a 2'x2' white flag to attach to the end of it. The only reason for the blade is so it can be called a knife. :D Both of my ARs are pretty spartan. One is...
  19. morcey2

    Anyone know much about this particular military mauser?

    I have pretty much the same rifle that you describe. It's a 1909 originally chambered in 7.65x53 that had the chamber reamed out with a 30-06 reamer. There are tons of them out in the wild. The bore on mine slugs at 0.312" and doesn't shoot most 30-06 very well but I did find a box of 180...
  20. morcey2

    Novice shooter: Is it better to start with a rifle or a handgun?

    Start them with a Magnum Research BFR in 45/70. If they can handle that, they can handle anything. :D Seriously though, I'm a firm believer in starting them with a rifle but bringing a handgun (both in 22) along. A lot of new shooters thing that a rifle has more recoil because it's bigger...