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  1. Jeff H

    AR pistols still being sold w/ braces?

    Yes, that is how I understand it.
  2. Jeff H

    Waiting Time for Suppressor Approval?

    He's not the only one. Mine got approved last week. ATF must have hired more people. My LGS said they have seen a fair amount of approvals come back pretty quickly. Submitted 1/12 Approved 2/20 39 days.
  3. Jeff H

    Range USA

    Howdy neighbor. I've been to that range a bunch of times, but more so with the previous owners, but Range USA keeps the ranges looking nice, they just charge more for the guns and ammo then Gail did. Only in the winter though since I normally shoot outside at Miami Rifle-Pistol.
  4. Jeff H

    Looks like Paul Harrell is coming to the end of his road...

    Yeah, I saw that. Tons of traffic on Reddit last week about getting Paul's channel to 1M. Glad they got it, sorry I wasn't able to help additionally...I've been a subscriber for years. Paul's looking pretty good on his last video considering what he's dealing with.
  5. Jeff H

    Waiting Time for Suppressor Approval?

    Interesting, I didn't know that. If this is the case, then I think it is safe to assume that if you already have at least 1 NFA item and didn't experience an extended delay, then you should have a reasonable expectation of future purchases going smoothly as well.
  6. Jeff H

    Specific question about the brace injunction

    Thanks to all that replied, but I did have a very specific question here. All of our stamps were not just approved. They were all approved with conditions. If it is Pursuant to the final rule and the final rule has an injunction on it, my thought is that I no longer have an SBR??????? Not...
  7. Jeff H

    Specific question about the brace injunction

    So, from this article, the injunction is nationwide. Like a lot of us, I applied for a stamp under the amnesty...
  8. Jeff H

    What is the most recent knife you bought?

    Amazon just dropped this off Yesterday. Very nice knife and pretty high quality like you would expect from Leatherman.
  9. Jeff H

    Waiting Time for Suppressor Approval?

    Good to see these 6 month numbers. I'm getting my next one before the end of the year. Hopefully I can enjoy it at least part of the summer.
  10. Jeff H

    80% jigs that don't cost a fortune

    Can you still get these? I see some available on the web but most are several hundred dollars. Didn't they used to have simple ones for drill press milling? AR-15 aluminum 80% if that matters.
  11. Jeff H

    Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

    LGS has some pretty good prices on ammo if you pay in cash. I normally don't have much cash, but I recently sold a couple items on FB marketplace so I had some. Blew it all on ammo yesterday. Now I don't have any cash anymore. o_O
  12. Jeff H

    Braced Pistol stamp Watch Thread

    Closing the loop on this. My 2nd and last braced pistol was approved today on day 53. ATF agent's signature on both were different but both illegible.
  13. Jeff H

    Legality of buying/selling braced firearms

    Just thinking out loud here. With the injunctions in place, the ownership of a braced pistol is not (yet) an SBR for people belonging to certain organizations. Does that extend to buying and selling as well as ownership? In my mind, I think it would, since a braced pistol is not an SBR under...
  14. Jeff H

    Braced Pistol stamp Watch Thread

    51 days approved today for the PC Charger. No approval on the AR pistol yet and it was submitted first. They have the same ATF control numbers. :confused:
  15. Jeff H

    Braced Pistol stamp Watch Thread

    Nice, I'm looking forward to getting the brace off of my PC Charger. I like your stock adapter.
  16. Jeff H

    Braced Pistol stamp Watch Thread

    I got the app "Time Since" for my phone when I applied for my last suppressor.
  17. Jeff H

    Braced Pistol stamp Watch Thread

    Sounds like approval times are all over the place. I'm currently at 33 days for 2 of them submitted on 4/21.
  18. Jeff H

    Double cringe build

    Pretty neat thread, keep the photos coming. This has been on my list of things to do for a little bit now. I'm always on the lookout for a worn and beaten shotgun for the project, but I'll do a pump or semi-auto. I'd like to have 4 shells at least.
  19. Jeff H

    Form 1 tips and tricks

    I'm getting ready to fill out a form 1 for the two braced pistols I own. Any tips/tricks or words of advice to keep me from making dumb mistakes on the forms?