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  1. buck460XVR

    EDC --- Do you carry factory loads or handloads ?

    I agree with Craig. I always believed since he was heavily sponsored by ammo manufacturers, he really couldn't say anything else. As Craig said, there was never a case where handloads for true SD has made any difference at all, this, several decades after Ayoob made his claim. With the general...
  2. buck460XVR

    EDC --- Do you carry factory loads or handloads ?

    Handloads Jacketed Hollow Points
  3. buck460XVR

    357 180XTP H110

    ...or different ambient temperatures or relative humidity. Lots of variables when it comes to reloading/handloading. But with the consistency of modern powders, my take would be, it's not worth stuffing the extra .5 gr of powder in every case. Half a grain in a 14 gr charge is quite a bit, to...
  4. buck460XVR

    My 25yard pistol testbed

    ...I tend to agree. Especially when it comes to handguns. Accuracy really doesn't change with yardage, it's just easier to measure the bigger spread at the greater distance. Unless you are shooting one ragged hole, you still will have the same relative MOA(as I interpret). Starting out with a...
  5. buck460XVR

    357 180XTP H110

    .....and my Hornady #7 shows 13.1 as max under their 180 gr XTP with H110, and 13.7 with W296. ....and the Lyman shows a velocity of 1101fps with the 14 gr load and a velocity of 1096 fps with the 14.5 gr load. Seems the higher load is past the point of diminishing returns. Something common...
  6. buck460XVR

    Vintage Ammo from the Gun Show

    Using inflation calculators, that box of ought-six would cost about 48 and a half bucks today. Still not a bargain, but still hard to beat a 180gr "Core-Lokt" out of a '06 for deer.
  7. buck460XVR

    Saw a felony at the gun show today

    I think in some cases, a serial number can be relocated......Dogtown Tom should be able to verify, if so. It may be the person who wanted the mirror finish, didn't like the serial number where it was. IMHO, I doubt if it was a sting operation.
  8. buck460XVR

    Pistol optics…I just cant get into them.

    I have one handgun with a Reddot on it. It’s on my .460 for hunting. I can’t envision having a red dot on a defensive carry handgun, but for hunting at distances of more than 40 yards, it’s a great asset.
  9. buck460XVR

    Would-be crime victims are shooting back -- in Chicago

    Was under the impression that the right to carry was all about shooting back or shooting first if applicable. Whether folks decide to or not is up to them. Many think that criminals will think twice about criminal acts because of the risk of encountering someone else with a firearm. While this...
  10. buck460XVR

    Carry Safety

    I also have to buy a license for certain guns(tax stamps) and follow regulations even with RKBA. I also have to apply for and pay for a license to CWC. Not much difference there to me. I buy a patron’s license every year here which covers hunting, fishing and just about everything thing else...
  11. buck460XVR

    Carry Safety

    I see hunting as a right, just like my state of Wisconsin does. That's why it has amended it's constitution to protect a right. Same with half of the other states in the Union. Even your state of Florida has a proposed right to hunt and fish amendment that will be included on the 2024...
  12. buck460XVR

    Have you ever noticed some animals use you, as protection?

    Adaptive wildlife soon recognizes that human habitation means food and some safety from predators.....both 2 legged and 4 legged. Predators soon realize that human habitation means an increase in prey, because of these reasons. I have more trail cam pictures of bobcats within 50 yards of our...
  13. buck460XVR

    BBQ gun?

    IMHO, the definition of a "BBQ Gun" is as ambiguous as the definition of a "Redneck" or a "Dive Bar". IOWs, any gun that makes you proud to open carry in a public place, qualifies. Good leather is mandatory for me, as is a complementary long gun(as in a lever carbine or short barreled...
  14. buck460XVR

    Carry Safety

    Freedom does come with responsibility. Freedom does not mean you are free to recklessly endanger others. Being responsible means one takes precautions against recklessly endangering others. This means being educated and informed about the dangers involved. Basic firearm training does this with...
  15. buck460XVR

    357 Mag hunting load options

    My .357 hunting bullet is either a good quality 158gr JSP, Speer 158gr Deep Curls(formerly Gold Dots) or Hornady's 158gr FP-XTP, their flat point, and not their standard XTP.
  16. buck460XVR

    Hornady handgun hunter, 10mm 135 grain monoflex HP

    I like a bit heavier bullet for deer when hunting with a handgun. At ranges of 30 yards or closer, you do not need the velocity, nor the extra expansion the 135 Monoflex bullet will give you. On Hornady's website they only recommend it for hunting "varmints" less than 50#. They also claim it...
  17. buck460XVR

    A school lock down

    ....Security is not only to stop a potential threat, but to slow it down so those threatened can take precautions. Someone climbing the fence or driving thru it will alert security cameras ans give students and staff time to be prepared. It also will give local law enforcement more time to get...
  18. buck460XVR

    A hunter - my son- is fighting for his life

    Praying for a positive outcome. No parent should have to go thru this.
  19. buck460XVR

    A school lock down

    ......or the "friend" can pull the fire alarm. Then the shooter can shoot into the masses when they exit, without ever having to enter the school. Since schools by law have to run a drill every month, every student knows where specific kids and staff exit the building and where they congregate...
  20. buck460XVR

    how did it start for you?

    I grew up in the days when most every movie, and T.V. show was about WW II, a cop show or a Western. My Parents and grandparents loved to hunt and fish, as did most of my friends and role models. It was only natural I would have a infatuation with guns. And why I love me some levers, some...