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    Opinions on the Lee factory crimp dies.

    I do both. I don't think the post-sizing ring does anything on 99.9+% of my rounds. But it also doesn't fix the rim dings and bottom-of-web-expansion that causes the occasional case gauge failure, either. I like crimping in a separate step from seating. FCD dies are the crimp dies I have...
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    Opinions on the Lee factory crimp dies.

    You may have misunderstood. The post-sizer ring is not the same size as the sizing die ring - it's looser. For a cartridge that will fit a tight sizing die after the bullet is seated, the post-sizing ring does nothing. It doesn't move the metal, because the metal fits within it. It's only...
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    Anybody Using Vihtavuori N320??

    I'm a big fan of it. Probably the lower recoil-for-power-factor of any powder I've tried (combination of low charge weights and single-base fomula making for lower ejecta velocity). Meters well, crazy tight/small SDs and ESs. The powder of choice in USPSA for the cost-insensitive gentlemen...
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    Roll Sizing - A new way to re-size brass cases

    Even a very fully supported barrel starts bulging the base after a few loads when you're talking about 9mm Major. A barrel without good support would just blow out the brass on the first firing!
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    Opinions on the Lee factory crimp dies.

    I like them (for pistol - I no longer crimp rifle cartridges). Basically, people who shoot bare lead bullets have a lot of problems with them because the post-sizing ring can end up squeezing down the bullet that they wanted to be oversized in the first place. Those of us who shoot jacketed or...
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    Sorting brass

    I found it worked just fine for a few firings, then just lost all ability to be resized. I even tried annealing it to bring back the springiness - no dice. Worst part was that it wasn't consistent from case to case. Some would go and go (like 10mm starline), but others would be done after one...
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    How to clean powder burn/stain from barrel

    When you say "barrel exterior," do you mean the crown of the muzzle? Be aware there is probably no part of a barrel or frame or slide that is more easily damaged by aggressive cleaning than the crown. My sincere advice would be to let it be. You're more likely to harm the gun chasing a...
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    Hollow base pistol bullets

    I honestly think that it's just about more bearing surface. A lot of light-for-caliber semi-auto pistol bullets will have a pretty thin little ring of full diameter.... most of the length is ogive. This doesn't help with tension (setback avoidance), it doesn't help with concentricity (bullet...
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    New Buckmark Owner

    I agree with the input you've already gotten. Great guns, super accurate. Screws do tend to back out, so de-greasing them and maybe a dot of blue loctite when reassembling is not a bad idea. Excellent triggers OOB in my experience and opinion. Don't remove grip panels casually... as others...
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    Reloading ammo for machine guns

    You do it correctly, and with the same zero-tolerance-for-squibs approach that you would use for rounds intended for any other gun. If you want maximum assurance, you do everything you can to make sure the process is correct, and then you QA 100% of your rounds. For a QA weight check to be...
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    Suppress a .45 ACP or 10MM?

    10mm can do 220 grain bullets that are firmly subsonic, as are most 200 grain loads. And they'll have somewhat better BC's than 45 230 grainers, so will still shoot a little flatter at moderate distances than a 45.
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    Has Ruger ever made an attractive, iconic firearm?

    Yeah, that just look race-gun-ish to me. I don't particularly like the look, but that's very much the racing aesthetic. I'm guessing the OP wouldn't be too fired up about SVIs or Limcats, either.
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    SeeAll Open Sight, anyone use one?

    From the video, it appears that you still have to align 3 things with your eyes (the little triangle, the top of the green tube/wall, and the target). And probably have to focus on the sight to get it to work. Since the big advantages of optics over iron sights are that you are only aligning 2...
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    Do you customize your handguns?

    Just depends. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I have guns that are still in factory-original condition, and some that were modified into something totally different before I even took delivery.
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    Revolver or semiautomatic

    For what purpose am I buying this handgun? And in this hypothetical do I still have the various pistols (revolvers and semi-autos) that I already own? Or is this going to be my only pistol? Also, do I already know how to shoot pistols?
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    I've got a few CRKT knives that I like quite a bit. The Ripple models that the did with Ken Onion's design are some of the best-slicing flippered knives I've ever seen. Hollow grind and a good belly makes them into little razors. And I like their small fixed blade "minimalist" series as...
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    RMR 9mm MPR Jacketed Hollow Point OAL

    They're definitely tubby little guys. Unfortunately, in one of my guns by the time I load them short enough to not jam the lands, they're short enough that they don't feed correctly about 1-2% of the time. If I lengthen them, they feed great... but they're jamming the lands. It's a great...
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    38 Super the .44 special of semi's

    Or Taffin badly underthought it. When one makes an analogy, and the analogy doesn't hold up, expect criticism. If he just meant they're both "conniseur's calibers," he could have just said that. For an analogy to be interesting, it has to, you know, work. Besides, it's quarantine. When it...
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    38 Super the .44 special of semi's

    If that's his thinking, it's pretty silly. That's like saying coffee is beer for the morning because they're both of similar overall popularity - never mind that one is hot and the other cold, or that one contains a stimulant and one a depressant, or that one often has sugar or milk added and...