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    Beretta a300 or a400?

    if you want to hunt a play with clay a couple times a year the 300 is fine. if your gonna shoot 5k to 10k rounds a year, the 391 or 400 is what you want. there is a reason they are more expensive. many schools are getting the 300s because of cost. great shotgun but the 391, 400 and 1100 are better.
  2. f451

    Indoor Trap

    are factory shells required or do reloads meeting ATA requirements allowed?
  3. f451

    Best ammo for trap

    \ ! !/8 ounce is max legal in ATA and NSSA, 7.5 to 9 shot is also only ranges i know here in Oklahoma will not permit even practice with any other ammunition. 1 ounce for 20 gauge max.
  4. f451

    Best ammo for trap

    My preferences as well. 8 to the 22, 7.5 23 and beyond. mod choke then improved mod then full way out their. AA, STS and NITRO 27 for reloading, RIO, MIRAGE T1 are both good. get a shell configuration and stick with it. consistency is the key!
  5. f451

    Trap Shooting advice

    know w Hr e is telling you straight. watch someone else, be courteous, ask questions and have fun. after a couple of rounds you will get the feel for it. it seems simple but so does golf and pool. you will definately know why the teach trig and geometry in school!
  6. f451

    budget over under

    That is what I was trying to explain earlier. The quality of the Browning, even a old one, will be far superior than any of the CZ, Yildez or Stoeger, and they will not take the round count that you put that BT-100 through in a year. I personally woulf love to have a 425, 525, or 725 unsingle...
  7. f451

    budget over under

    I have a SKB Ducks unlimited that I shoot at the local club. It cost me around $300.00, I traded for it, and I hold my on with the $2000.00 to $30,000.00 guns my friends shoot. It really feels good and is the XL600 gas gun, gotta love a good gas gun!
  8. f451

    budget over under

    Either of these guns is far superior than the Yildiz or the CZ. I have both the CZ and Yildiz, OK very pretty, stiff as a preachers...disposition! But they do not compare to either the Browning or the Franchi in any way. THe Browning and the Franchi are made to shoot tens of thousands of rounds...
  9. f451

    Which HD Shotgun?

    Yeah but those minishells are 1200 fps in the buckshot load. That is a respectable load on any shotgun. They are mini because the hold 5/8 ounce of shot. #4 buckshot and this shotgun would probably be a devastating combination for close in work, home or truck.
  10. f451

    Remington 1100 vs 1187

    Try a Benelli. The Super Port is the way to go for intertia in Skeet and Trap. I used my M1 90 Super and everyone sneered cause, "Benellis are this and if its not a Browning or Kriegoff then its week". I shot 4 trap tournaments, informal in our club and only shot below 47 once, I shot a 44 (wish...
  11. f451

    Sig. 45 ACP Reloading/1911

    Try the 200 grain semi wad-cutter with Titegroup at around 5.0 grains, load to taste! Better accuracy and no feed problems. I also want to know more about the CFE powder!
  12. f451

    RedDot or Bullseye or TiteGroup

    I like Titegroup but I would like to try some of the new CFE powder. The best I EVER used was Winchester Super Lite, WSL, and of course they no longer make it! Winchester Action Pistol was good too, same problem.
  13. f451

    Problem with HS-6

    Yep, HS-6 is dirtier than some, less than others but I have had good luck with it in my 20 gauge loads. Used it a few times on my 44 mag loads with a good magnum primer and tight crimp. Very happy, happy, happy! By the way, I like Titegroup for the .45 Long Colt better, It is cleaner.
  14. f451

    12ga & 9mm - vague questions from a noob

    I have a MEC 650 and a Sizemaster, I like the Sizemaster as it re-sizes the brass on my hull even though I never have had any problems with the 650. 0 is 12 gauge and the Sizemaster is a 20. I use a Rockchucker for my pistol and rifle loads and I have recently tried a Lee hand press and have had...
  15. f451

    shot 1st reloads got ????

    The thing I have found about reloading is this, The cheapest round you build with your hands usually is more accurate than any round you can buy. Even the very expensive rounds by big companies. Plus, when you load it yourself, you know exactly what went into it and what the result should be!
  16. f451

    Cam Over OR Not.

    Cam over I think that the Rock Crusher style loader, when talking about cam over and die set up, is used for consistency on each shell re-size. From what I can gather here, people are talking about cam over as something to put excessive force on the die with the press piston. Unless your...
  17. f451

    Why Are My .45 ACP Cases Too Short?

    Absolutely correct! These articles are talking about extremely small changes in impact of the bullet. If you are shooting fast reaction targets like plates, this is not going to help. This will help if you can make every shot with a clean bore and chamber because a small piece of grit will...
  18. f451

    Building a smokeless Muzzleloader

    Danger Something else to consider is how deep you seat your bullet in the barrel. some loads are compression loads so the problem is not as great. But some loads have space in the case and the load takes into account this space and the added stresses that this causes. If you want to reproduce...
  19. f451

    Albuquerque gun turn-in yields MP-40

    Turn-in I actually saw the picture of the MP-40 on television and was astounded that the media didn't pick up on this! I figured we would be hearing all about the "machine gun toting nutbar citizens" at any minute from the gun control lobby. But, the anouncer did mention all the "Semi automatic...
  20. f451

    Is a barrel and mag all I need to convert G30 to G29?

    By the way, the 357 sug round isoutstanding! A touch over 1 inch drop at 100 yards. Sucks that ammo is so high.