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    Help Needed, Please~?

    In your shoes, I would be all over the Model 27.
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    Ruger GP-100 as first gun

    only reason against it would be if it's the house gun, it may be a bit large for your wife to use. It's a good solid revolver, but it's big.
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    How to make a slamfire SG

    Loosecannon, The response I got from Sid Cleveland at Ithaca Gun when I asked about a 1970's vintage DSPS I had purchased a few years ago - "Yes, this gun was built with disconnect as the transition was made in 1975-76. It was offered after that only as an option to law enforcement agencies."
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    How to make a slamfire SG

    Not all Ithaca 37's have this function. In the mid-1970's it became an option for law enforcement purchases, but the standard versions got a disconnect. LAPD, for example, got their 37's with the disconnect at that time.
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    Metric Fal Furniture

    AFAIK, DSA is working on securing a US supplier of metric wood furniture for the future.
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    Metric Fal Furniture

    If you don't mind the synthetic pistol grip, I like the Israeli wood furniture.
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    I am in love. (S&W Model 15)

    I think the ramp makes the barrel look shorter. It's a standard 1 7/8" snub nosed length pistol. The knife is Graham Brothers Razel. Really handy knife.
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    I am in love. (S&W Model 15)

    Virgil Tripp did all the work. Thanks.
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    I am in love. (S&W Model 15)

    S&W M15's are a blast. This one is a house gun. The finish was trashed and full of scratches. The front sight hacked up. The original owner also bobbed the hammer. I had it hard chromed and had a fiber optic blade put up front. Loaded with some .38spl FBI loads, it's what I reach...
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    Cz75b Vs Browning Hipower Both In Standard Models.

    I've owned both and loved my CZ, but the BHP fits me better. Both top notch pistols. The CZ is certainly a best buy at the price it sells for. BHP's were finally well priced when FN marketed them a few years ago. Now we're back to higher Browning prices with spotty availability. :(
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    You can only own ONE handgun

    My Don Williams 9mm HiPower. The fit and feel in the hand, decent mag capacity, good accuracy, conceals well, and my wife is willing and able to shoot it well.
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    44. Special Ammo

    They are apparently out now, but Outdoor Marksmen sells Miwall 200gr LRN for about $16/50 with new brass. They now have an East Coast warehouse in addition to their original West Coast location. Decent range ammo. Loaded a bit on the light side.
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    Why a 38 Special

    You're almost making me rethink my choice of using a .38spl SP101 and a Model 15 as our house guns. Almost. Oh! OK. I'm over it. :) The house guns are also used by my wife. She hates .357. She shoots very well with the two snubbies listed above. Shoot what you practice with. I don't...
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    .22LR with Restrike Capability for Dry Fire Practice?

    Get a CZ75 with a .22 Kadet kit. You can dry fire the 9mm top end with snap caps to your hearts content, practice and gain proficiency with the same lower with the .22 top end, and go back to 9mm when you want to. And you get restrike capability. :)
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    Remington 870 - used Wingmaster or new Express?

    I also live in California and watch the used racks constantly for deals. Haven't bought a shotgun in a while, but still keep my eyes open because I always have friends looking. A clean used Wingmaster is an easy $250 pick up. As for California prices, I travel for work in Arizona and Nevada...
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    I need less spread from my Mossberg

    Don't buy a .32... Don't buy a .32 because if you do, you'll notice they are small and handy. And if you notice they are small and handy, you'll want to carry it. And if you carry it, you may need to use it. And if you use it, you may shoot someone. And if you shoot someone, you may hit...
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    I need less spread from my Mossberg

    All my riot guns have had the forcing cones lengthened. That has helped and it shows up in my before and after patterns. I like the Hornady TAP ammo as well. YMMV. Get a box or two of some different quality ammo and see what YOUR gun likes. :)
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    Huge LASD 870 Purchase

    Why would any of this be secret squirrel? Hopefully we'll see the Ithaca's come out soon. Be a neat match to my LAPD 37. A few years ago a bunch of Sacramento PD 870's hit the market. I cleaned one up and made it the house gun.
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    Browning BDA's, both big and small (OK, smallish)

    Have had a BDA/Sig in .45ACP for a while. I love the blued slide and looks of the pistol. That it shoots great too certainly helps. Recently/finally picked up a baby BDA/Beretta in .380. IMHO, this is one of the prettiest semi-autos around. A bit plump and relatively large for the...
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    Lee-Enfield user thread

    LOL. Just posted this pic in the "exhibit your rifles" thread. A 1918 BSA, a 1944 Long Branch, and a 1942 Lithgow.