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    How about a Taurus forum??

    Please remove my account. After a lifetime of shooting, I have nothing to contribute. I promise not to bring up the T word again and have nothing else to post on the high road. I will now go to Glock for reeducation and diversity training.
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    How about a Taurus forum??

    My original Post was misunderstood. A reply for clarification would have been sufficient.
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    How about a Taurus forum??

    Well now I know not to start another thread. I wasn't talking about your forum or any other specific forum. I wanted Taurus owners to speak up in favor of they're pistols and revolvers. I wanted to know if anyone knew of a Taurus forum. I wanted opinions not tech support, and the nice thing...
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    How about a Taurus forum??

    I've noticed on some forums (not this one) Taurus is treated like the crazy relative in the basement. It's here but we don't talk about it much. Considering the volume this manufacturer sells worldwide. For example has an other revolvers category but has a forum for Kahr...
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    Help me write a letter to my school re: CCW

    Check your state and local law to see if your suggestion conflicts with statutes already on the books.
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    Opinions on what to get for under $450 (adding to the collection)

    You have too many already, send some to me. Seriously take the 450 and a couple guns you don't shoot and buy something really nice. Or buy a glock.
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    It's just a flashlight

    I like the idea of LED and a seperate bright bulb. I might have bought a surefire if they were available in local stores. I work in a very large limited window enviroment. One time the power was out for half a day and the LED flashlight kept right on going when others discount flashlights...
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    It's just a flashlight

    I've become fascinated with this new breed of LED flashlights. Mostly because the batteries last a long long time. The $10 compact size brinkman with one LED is a good light. I put it in my truck a long time ago and the it still works great off of original AA batteries. Last night I bought...
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    Interpret this gun dream.

    it mean your too old to dream about women
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    Kahr troubles!!

    Sorry they're both gone now in somebody elses safe. It wasn't an issue of durability. I expect a kahr that functions to outlast a revolver. It was a functioning issue. Pre break in and post break in didn't change. K40 or PM9 same thing. Fire, thumb slide into battery, fire, thumb slide...
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    New M10/64 for my wife - barrel length?

    What can be available in the pocket of your robe when someone rings the doorbell at 10pm or 2pm. That's the only reason I pick smaller revolvers is they're easy to carry all over the house.
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    Anyone Besides Me Like Snubs?

    absolutely, i've been shooting a lot snubs for about 12years of all brands. ran into my first malfunction the other day, had a burr where the plunger goes in and out. gunsmith fixed her up quick. They fit my hand better than autos, are generally more reliable, and generally more accurate. My...
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    Has your Gun shop ever Screwed you over

    Yes by most and depends on what. Sometimes I'll quit going to a shop for a extended period of time or if it's an employee I won't deal with that employee. Sometimes it's just an old guy owner who can't remember what he has or what the prices are so he makes it up as he goes. One shop that's...
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    Kahr troubles!!

    I empathize having owned a k40 and pm9 both jamomatics from the factory. I don't think Kahr has a clue how to make reliable arms (imagine having to replace a recoil spring on a glock 26 every 2-3K rounds). Kahr doesn't sell nothing that a snubnose revolver can't cure. I would love to own a...
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    Beretta Tomcat Opinions

    I'm back.... I've owned all three (thick slide Tom, regular slide Tom, and the smaller 22 Bobcat). The thick slide Tomcat is very well made and 100% reliable with all ammo. The regular one had a rare bobble depending on conditions. The Bobcat was very nice but a only a 22. I would buy the...
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    good short barrell 357 load

    javelina is best hunted with a minimun of 44mag. 45acp is classic for not penetrating a little javelina. pigs is tough, but this thread ain't about pigs. a human being regardless of size or medication has a heart 2 inches behind the breast bone. therefore an energy dump 2-6 inches after...
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    good short barrell 357 load

    Wow was this thread highjacked. personel experience, I used to shoot a lot of taurus snubbies at the outdoor range at 15 yards. I could shoot a box of ammo into a decent sized ragged hole. The guys next to me would usually just give me funny looks. I can't shoot quite that good anymore...
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    S&W 49 Bodyguard

    "unreal45 My local gunshop had three unfired 49s ,from the 70s, for sale. I almost bought a matching pair. But i am getting married in three weeks so i need to watch my money more now." You better get it now cause in three weeks it'll be her money, your money won't exist..........
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    R9s Rohrbaugh - 2nd range test - ammo evaluation

    Very well done. BRAVO!
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    George Hill ... nice write-up

    It's in Wisconsin. I could be wrong isn't Wisconsin one of the four states that doesn't have concealed carry. ARGGHHHH.... why can't a magazine ever come from an actual practiceing state.