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    Advice from New Yorkers, please.

    Thanks for the replies. She actually lives in Long Island- not sure if that matters. I contacted a few firearm stores in that area and presented the issue to them. They all seemed to believe she'll have no issue getting a long gun.
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    Advice from New Yorkers, please.

    I have a friend who received a DWI , was convicted in January of this year and is serving a 3 year probation in New York(Manhattan, I believe). She just purchased a house with her two small children and has no means of protection. I know that a DWI would not put her in a prohibitive category...
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    Factors in long distance shooting

    1000 yards. Do you mean mechanically, as the shooter or ballistics?
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    How many rounds per hour do you make?

    Have you ever got your hand stuck in the neck? :neener: :)
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    Show us a picture of your reloading bench

    three character rule!
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    Show us a picture of your reloading bench

    The room my wife graciously allowed me to build(because she got tired of my whining). it's a 12x12 with AC and heat. 32 outlets so i never run out!
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    How reliable are electronic scales?

    If the powder measure meters by volume and not weight then you're going to see some variance. The finer type powders like 748 will show a larger variance than a larger extruded powder like Varget. Volume is not accurate.
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    Trouble seating/ crimping LRN .45s for 1911

    Run all your cartridges through a factory crimp die after you seat/crimp. It adds a 4th stage to the loading process, but it's worth it. I have had the same issues with one of my tight chambered 1911's. Mine would stop at about 1/8" from full lock-up/battery. I could firmly tap the back of the...
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    Chicago Moves Quickly to Replace Previous Ban Ordinance

    You guys don't get it.. Passing a new law requiring the people to abide by the old law is the answer. It's obvious the old law wasn't as lawful as the new law,which will be obeyed because it's the law.
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    Chicago Moves Quickly to Replace Previous Ban Ordinance

    Keep pushing the law abiding around, sir.
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    Helpful or harmful?

    Watching him handle(mishandle?) the firearm in the first 52 seconds tells me all I need to know about the rest of his video.
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    Okay, one more spin-off... If cop asks whether you are armed?

    Like you, I avoid all contact with law enforcement which mean I watch my speed, mind my own business and avoid any place where confrontation might take place. I don't want to be bothered for any reason. It really is that simple...
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    Okay, one more spin-off... If cop asks whether you are armed?

    Blistering, Forgive me as I am barely a functioning illiterate and frequently do a poor job at making my point. I am aware that my rights are not limited and/or one sided. My point was that if I happen to exercise my 'right to remain silent', the person who's commissioned to protect those...
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    Okay, one more spin-off... If cop asks whether you are armed?

    Irony: Exercising the rights law enforcement is sworn to protect makes you suspect.:scrutiny: "If you comply, I will go easy on you".. sounds a lot like "acknowledge my ability to ruin you by forgoing your rights and I may use my discretion in your favor".
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    Custom Rifle

    Dryhumor, There certainly isn't anything wrong with that factory barrel. Nice shooting, sir. I would venture to say that yours is more the exception than the rule.
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    Custom Rifle

    Armed, You speak truth. I don't know anyone chambering for the .260 currently. I wouldn't let that hold me back, however.. you only need to do it once. The downside to custom rifles is that once you shoot a quality barrel, you'll never be satisfied with factory.
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    Custom Rifle

    I actually just built two semi-custom rifles and was in the same boat you are. I went with a Remington 700, HS stock and a Lilja barrel in a .260. Good grief, that is an amazing cartridge.. Runs circles around the .308 and a pussycat to shoot. Reasonably light powder charge, you have quite a few...
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    Suggestions On Hunting Boots?

    The closet.. they love hiding in closets. :)
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    What's that?

    Tell them it's a cu-pb dispenser. If they continue to question tell them that it's required for your survival, but it could be hazardous to their health. Periodic table: pb-lead cu- copper
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    video of robbery/assault on a bus in Europe

    Britain isn't fighting off my attacker(s), so it makes no difference to me what Britain is against.