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    One gun for pure fun?

    A high end [Baer, Brown, Wilson, etc] .45 ACP; but price tag will be up over $1K, some over $2K (Christiansen and Nighthawk)~!
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    recommend a hand primer

    RCBS the best there is~! ;)
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    Fair value s & w 442

    $369.95 nib 4369'95[/b]
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    Driven by Fear... Do I Need an AR?

    At a recent Alabama Gun Collectors Show the first of 2013, a "run of the mill" Windham Arms AR-15 in 5.56 was going for $1799; a far cry from the usual $699~! ;)
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    Hysteria like I have never seen before.

    In Birmingham, AL the Fire Marshal showed up, he would only let 20 people inside; as 20 came out. The waiting line was wrapped solidly around the building all day long~! People were scouring for everything "under the sun" pertaining to firearms; especially the "standard capacity stuff"~! ;) :D
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    NRA Guns & Gold season 2 debuts tonight

    Jim Guess I will have too put it on the DVR, as this is National Championship Game Night~! :uhoh: :eek: ;)
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    Is now the time to buy revolvers?

    Good, ole' used Smiths and Colt revolvers have not seen a reduction in price; if anything they are on "the rise". Shoot, give me a well taken care of "old Smith" anyday - thank you very much~! ;) :D
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    What's wrong with Rossi?

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    We lost Bob Munden.

    So sad, use to see Bob on "Impossible Shot's"~! :(
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    Winter Carry

    1911 for me, too~! ;)
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    Wives and guns

    My late wife didn't mind me owning firearms; just so I had a means too pay for them, and did not take away from the family budget. Nowdays, without her income, I have slowed down considerably~! :( :uhoh:
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    Zero Brand Bullets?

    Another "thumbs up" for ZERO BULLETS"; as I have used thousands over the years, and they are only 'bout 60 miles from my 10-20~! :cool: :D ;)
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    No primers in town!

    We have them in stock~!!!!!! ;) Can't remember the extact prices, but call for quotes: Simmons Sporting Goods 2001-2nd Ave North Bessemer, AL 35020 Area Code (205) 425-4720 or (205) 426-0490 Clay and Peter Simmons = co owner's
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    PPK by Interarms: compare to German version.

    I own an American made (InterArms) stainless Walther PPK that has ran perfectly since day one (Jan. of '95); feeding and extracting all types of ammunition~! :cool: ;) :D
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    CCW - Do you use the safety?

    YES 1911 safety on~!
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    Actually scored at a gun show!?!

    As originally posted, the last Birmingham Gun Show I visited (in Oct. '06) all I saw was a bunch of over priced firearms; and a few good ole' boys sitting a'round eating cookies and drinking milk~! That is the last one I have been to; and don't plan on going back~! ;) :D :uhoh:
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    looking for a 1911 for my next gun

    Ruger SR1911~!
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    Caliber preference: Do you find yourself liking larger or smaller calibers?

    .45 ACP for target shooting, .25-06 for hunting, and 12 gauge for home D'~! ;)