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    Abramski v U.S. Supreme Court Decision (Straw Purchase case)

    Held it was a straw purchase that violated the law. 5-4 vote (Kagan, Kennedy, Ginsberg, Breyer, Sotomayor in the majority, Scalia, Roberts, Thomas and Alito dissenting) Link to case:
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    Like to make contact with Lawyer

    Winfreid, I responded to you e-mail message. Bubbles and Spats, thank you for the referral and votes of confidence. Glenn D. Bellamy
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    Money's Tight. Join GOA or SAF first?

    All contributions to SAF are tax deductable.
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    Nordyke vs. King: Bad decision?

    Yes, the second part of the decision is disappointing to read. The judges were so convinced that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental part of our American heritage, but then fell lockstep into the myth that the mere presence of a gun makes for a dangerous situation. They gave so...
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    Just Finished Reading 'Unintended Consequences'...

    Thank you all for reminding me to re-read this book again. This scene had a very definite purpose. Henry came upon a situation where he had to take decisive action -- and fast. He did it without grandstanding and (much) speech making. This contributed to the ease at which he decided to take...
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    Quick Detach Scope Mount

    I saw this QD mount at SHOT last month and was impressed:
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    It's SHOT Show time again...

    I will be there -- as will Oleg this year.
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    Ohio gun laws

    you can't, unless it is unloaded and locked away. Yes.
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    Concealing in Business Casual?

    Sorry. I meant a manual slide lock. I just handled one last week and confirmed that I could not lock it open with the mag out. Doesn't anyone else consider the undershirt holster (like the 5.11) an option, especially in cool weather? My biggest complaint is that they are too expensive to...
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    A Revolver and a Mock Trial....

    Very true. Which is why the author of the hypothetical should take care to make sure the "facts" do not create a distrction because they are unrealistic.
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    A Revolver and a Mock Trial....

    There used to be an indoor range in the Seattle area (Bellevue, actually, but not Wade's) that would clean your gun for you. I don't recall the fee, but I'm sure it was more than $6.50 fifteen years ago. Lazy writer of the hypo case. They should know it's important to get the factual...
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    Concealing in Business Casual?

    You are describing on of the toughest concealment situations. I have addressed it two ways. First, the tuckable you describe. Just deal with a little extra bagginess. regarding printing, others are not so observant as you think. Second, I have used an undershirt-type holster. There are...
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    Cavalry Arms Raid +150 Days

    Has there been any decision in the forfeiture hearing from the judge. I assume not.
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    Mayor Bloomberg Announces Final Settlement in Groundbreaking Litigation

    It is a civil case, so they didn't have to prove a crime was committed beyond a reasonable doubt (high standard). But the reason they didn't have to prove anything is because it was a settlement.
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    I'm a bitter gun owner and I vote

    I think the NRA's approach is to be anti-Obama, since it's hard for them to be strongly pro-McCain. The point of including "bitter" in quotation marks is clearly to remind gun owning fence sitters (undecided voters) that they should vote "against Obama." Just saying "I'm a gun owner and I...
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    Help! Shipping Firearm Manufacturer Fedex conflicting message

    Thanks Tom and Navy. I stand corrected.
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    I'm a bitter gun owner and I vote

    Most people are aware of Obama's elitist reference to bitter Americans clinging to their guns and religion. Still, I thought the same thing and tossed the ones they sent me.
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    Help! Shipping Firearm Manufacturer Fedex conflicting message

    Federal law requires you to tell a common carrier (like FedEx) that there is a firearm in the package. The nice lady on the phone was trying to save you some money (and the chances are you would never get caught), but what she told you is contrary to the law.