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    Gun range/Club rates

    Local shotgun range, mostly funded by tax revenue from my town and the county. $7 to shoot trap or skeet. RO will inspect each gun to make sure it has no ventilated handguards, pistol grip, optic, detachable magazine, or other prohibited features. No more than two rounds may be in the gun at...
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    New handgun names sometimes make me wonder…

    It could be worse. Para Ordnance went nuts with model names before the end. The last few years, I seriously wondered if they ever made more than a few dozen guns of the same "model". Even though most of it was just naming, they went all-out on names.
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    what advantage would a CCW be for me?

    I live in a "photo ID to vote" state. Used to be state-issued ID only, but a few years ago they decided to allow some Federal IDs as substitutes. My main use of my CHCL is as ID when I vote. The lines move slowly; one or more of the election officials will usually ask questions about the...
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    Holey barrel Batman!

    I doubt the hole will hurt anything as long as no burrs are hanging down into the bore. Ported barrels go in and out of style, from rifles to 1911s. I've seen rifles with holes drilled all around the muzzle, and 1911s with lines of holes halfway back to the chamber.
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    Curio & Relics FFL -03. Is it Time to Terminate the License?

    That's why I let mine lapse.
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    Pistols that are less susceptible to limp-wrist malfunctions?

    ...It doesn't care how limply you hold it; as long as the ammo is hot enough, it will cycle just fine. They're gas-operated, not recoil-operated. It *is* picky about the ammo. Apparently some commercial .44 Magnum is loaded extremely mild. Also, it didn't like any of my reloads until I got...
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    I Know It's Czech but the CZ52 Looks Like It Was Design By Citroen?

    I like mine a lot. The slide looks like something from a science fiction movie, and the 7.62x25 is no slouch. The S&B ammo I had at the range last time was pretty hot. After a few shots I had people wandering up to check out what was making all the noise.
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    Relying on a vintage handgun for SD/EDC.

    My wife carries a Commander-sized Star Super 9x19. It was made in 1955. She has a Ruger LCP, but though the Star is bigger and heavier, it's easier for her to rack the slide, the recoil isn't as bad, and she's a better shot with it. My secondary EDC is a CZ-52 made in 1954. It's actually a...
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    460 Rowland, far more impressive than I ever thought!

    Take any decent-quality 1911 and add the kit from Clark Custom or Jimmy Rowland. It only takes a simple field strip. As long as Starline keeps making brass, that's a complete non-issue for those of us who reload. "More power" is precisely what .460 shooters want. As for 10mm, note that a...
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    And They Said it Couldn't Be Done

    I have a pocket holster for my Ruger LCP. It assumes a square-ish pocket bottom. All of my pants have pockets that are either angle-cut on the bottom, or some kind of weird slice-of-liver shape, and the holster rotates sideways in them, making it hard to get the gun out. As long as the pocket...
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    Whats the logic here?

    Shows they're big supporters of the Second Amendment, doesn't it? We had a few like that in my area. They're not in business any more.
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    Thoughts on this type of 2A advertising

    I have over a hundred Twitter and Facebook IP addresses blocked at the router. A lot of sites that don't look related to them are actually minions for the motherships.
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    Medical Procedures include a mental health wellness survey, red flag potential?

    I live in a fairly small town. There are four other people with the same name I have. Three of them are felons. This has caused a few incidents with the police, when they call in for a warrant check for a traffic stop, Dispatch ignores the driver's license number and alerts them on the name...
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    Medical Procedures include a mental health wellness survey, red flag potential?

    HIPAA privacy is primarily directed at family members. Any government agency has access, as do "partners" with any healthcare provider you deal with. Those "partners" are often drug companies and advertisers. Perzackitly. And your answers might be innocuous today, but in 10 or 20 years they...
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    9mm Brass Sellers and Ballot cases magnetic

    I'm surprised they resized OK. Brass-plated steel is a bit higher-end than lacquered or plastic-coated steel. Some guns don't like the coated rounds much, while the plated ones generally work fine. I've tried resizing aluminum cases, which seemed to work, but they were all Berdan, so I was...
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    Here we go - NYS to check social media before issuing gun licenses

    I was warning people about this back in the 20th century. They laughed in my face. Nobody would *ever* do that. And then they *needed* AOL and MySpace and Facebook and Twitter, for $REASONS. I admit I use usenet, mailing lists, and later, forums, but I've always been careful not to say...
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    What is the LEAST fun gun you ever fired, one that hurt you

    My EDC is an aluminum-frame .38 snubnose. It is the most unpleasant gun I have ever fired. I have an LCP as a backup gun, that also rates pretty highly on the "unpleasant" scale
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    Old Ammo

    ...the powder; that's the "sharp" smell you get from a can of bad powder. How much washing is done varies. It's not commercially feasible to remove *all* the acid, so there's always a point where the manufacturer decides it's washed enough. The acid is recovered and recycled. Chemical...
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    Shoulder Holster Pros and Cons

    I'm still mostly carrying a J-frame revolver in an old-school "upside down" shoulder rig. It's easily hidden under a loose T-shirt or polo shirt. I sometimes carry a 1911 in a modified DeSantis shoulder rig, but it's bulky enough I normally only do it when it's cool enough for a windbreaker...
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    New US Ammunition Plants Coming

    ...excuse for two full decades. The commercial ammo and component pipeline never did fill back up to pre-2001 levels. There was always a shortage of *something*, always blamed on "the military has us maxed out" or "hoarders." And in all the months since the military bugged out, somehow the...