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    Heavy Barrels Vs Pencil barrels while hunting big game

    Another vote for light barrels here. I have a Remington 700 Mountain Rifle in 30-06 that I love. A 16 lb rifle is entirely too heavy to be carying all day dogging elk sunup to sunset hunting 8-12 miles a day.
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    Things that keep you hunting year after year

    Well looking back at my success rate the past couple of years it's obviously not for the meat or trophy....... It's getting out in the backcountry and spending an entire day/week thinking about nothing else other than where to hunt, what route to take, and how awesome just being out there is...
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    open carry in washington?

    I probably should have clarified that i was just talking about out in the woods, etc. and not in rural areas. That's good to know. I know i should but there is a chance that i'll be moving again within a few months. Besides the fact that I'm gone half the time anyway, and the other half...
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    open carry in washington?

    I just moved to washington state and with the nicer weather arriving (except for today, but it is washington.....) and with it plans to fish/hike/scout etc., I was wondering what the state laws were for open carry. This includes the state parks. Thanks for the help.
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    Whats yours???

    165 gr barnes x for both deer and elk.
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    best way to get a deer in oregon...or just get a deer in general

    Which side of the stat are you on? And which side do you plan on hunting?
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    Holster for S&W 629

    I need help finding a holster for my 629. I'm looking for one for woods/hunting carry. I would like it to have a thumb break top, and ride with a forward cant. And most importantly LEFT handed. And..... I kind of need it by next week. I know I should have planned this out more, but I've...
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    What do you carry hunting?

    Keep in mind that I hunt away from the truck/camp, all day and unless I think there is a really good reason, I ain't goin' back if I'm into game. (A missing limb would be one of those good reasons) In the pack: 1. Lunch (usually a few PB&J sandwiches) 2. Jerky 3. A few candybars for...
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    How old is your reloading equipment?

    Just wondering. My girlfriends parents cleaned out her grandfather's shop last summer, which in a box had her great grandfather's reloading stuff in it. It was all in new or like new condition. Actually the powder measure and scas was still in the original boxes. Near as I can tell...
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    Hunting pants

    One thing I forgot is it seems you have to pay to get a quality hunting pant that is dry and quiet. With the exception of wool, in which case the army surplus stuff is pretty cheap. Carhartts are great, they're warm and durable, but put on a pair and walk through some brush, and every...
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    Kid wants to hunt elk

    + 2 I don't know how big you're kid is but, Again anything with the word Mag in the title probably is not a good idea. I don't know which side of the state you are hunting on, but if it's the west side, range is probably not going to be too much of an issue unless you're hunting in some...
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    Hunting pants

    +1 on riverswest. Seemed mine were $150-175. They are really warm though. But for cold, wet weather I don't think there is much better. Wool pants work well too.
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    Case Trimmer Suggestions

    Thanks for your replies. I'll look into the suggestions this weekend when I have more time.
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    Case Trimmer Suggestions

    I'm looking to buy a case trimmer that won't cost me an arm and a leg. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. Won't be doing any high volume stuff, maybe a few hundred cases a year.
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    Possibly the holy grail of hog rifles....

    Nice rifle. I wish I could find deals that good around here.
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    Molon Labe stickers interest?

    I'm interested in a few both white and black. Preferably white if you only do one color, for my tinted truck windows. I'm taking off for a couple of weeks so I'll check in when I get back.
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    Another noob question short sleeve camo shirts.

    Hey I'm 21 and I knew where that line was from. The only time I make it a point to wear camo head to toe is when I'm coyote hunting. Other than that, the only reason I really wear camo is because of the waterproofing/quiet/comfort properties that I can't seem to find in clothes that ain't...
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    Chris LeDoux Died

    That sucks. I liked a lot of his songs. :(
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    Neighbor update ...

    Not to drag this thread OT, but Man, I should have known that pax would present some more info on the whole 3-7-77 deal. From living in Montana for awhile I thought the numberss did come from the vigilantes, but I was wrong on that too. (and the publick school systems) Thank you pax...
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    30-06 bullets for Elk or something bigger than deer

    I'm not sure what type of 165 grain bullet you choose for deer, but i settled on a 165 grain barnes-X for too use for elk also. My dad and I both used the 180's till we moved to Eastern Oregon and realized that the shooting was potentially a little longer than in the jungle stuff we were...