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    What bullet would you stock up on for 7mm-08?

    Thanks but 400 139grn are on the way. Plus I have about 150 of the 150grn Core Locks so I'm pretty much set for a long while.
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    What bullet would you stock up on for 7mm-08?

    Not hard to kill paper or clay pigeons on the back stop.:)
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    What's this mark?

    Yeah probably a hold over from early years. Now maybe it just means it,s test fired. I,m not sure if it still is done but guns brought into England had to be proofed.
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    Why did Winchester use .277 for the 270 in 1923?

    I honestly don't know who's decision it was. Probably the same dope that chose .348 when it should have been .338 or 358. Maybe he was reading the Three Bears and .348 was just right. Those bullets ain't cheap.
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    What bullet would you stock up on for 7mm-08?

    Well I rolled the dice and ordered 4 boxes of the 139grn SP (Hornadys),19.99 for 100. Hopefully they are good. I'm not looking for target ammo. My 788 puts 5 in a quarter at 100yds with a basic load. If they do that I'm good. I'll report on their condition. Love those 788s. I also have a .223...
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    What bullet would you stock up on for 7mm-08?

    Really? I haven't bought any recently but years ago they were ok. I miss the bulk Rem and Win overstock they had way back. Now I have to look again. Thanks. What was the problem? Soft points extruded or bad jackets....?
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    What bullet would you stock up on for 7mm-08?

    I,ve used the Hornady 139 softpoints and Rem 150 Core lock. Both are very accurate. Midway has a sale on blemished bullets and the 139 and 154 gr are cheap so I thought I would just put one weight away. They look like Hornady. Looking at the ballistic tables on both the trajectory is very close...
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    What bullet would you stock up on for 7mm-08?

    Thats the question. I have a Rem 788 18" carbine. I've used 139, 150 and 154 grn bullets. I want to just buy one weight for the future ( probably 500). Only big game would be white tails or black bear but I really don't hunt anymore. Longest range would be 300yds and thats doubtful. Just want...
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    An old beauty

    That still looks in nice shape. Probably made by Stevens or Savage from the looks of it. No steel shot!
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    Just got a new Teslong Bore Scope

    I thought about getting a bore scope but I m mainly a plinker so....
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    For My Savage 340 222Rem

    Thats a NICE one! Always loved the Savage 340/Stevens 325. Almost bought one in .222 Rem but the Rem 788 was just out in .223 for 99.99. Got that. looked around for a 340 in .22 Hornet. Got a Ruger M77/22H. Finally found a nice Stevens 325 30-30 thats funner to shoot than either of the others...
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    Using Citrus solvent as an environmentally friendly less toxic gun cleaner/solvent.

    I wouldn,t use anything acid based on my guns. Especially blued ones. It may damage the bluing. I,ve used white vinegar to strip barrelled actions before rebluing. I plug the bore so it doesn,t get in there. I don't know how strong the citrus based stuff is.
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    When I I take my suppressor with me?

    Your dead, don't worry about a piece of metal. Now your ashes? WORRY! You may be cat litter.
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    Caliber selection for small frame hunter They also offer it in .242, 6.5CM and .308. These are good compact rifles especially for the price. I have a Rem M788 carbine in 7mm-08. Great cartridge thats a sleeper.
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    Bar and Chain oil

    I am left with a few ounces of Poulan Bar and Chain Oil A left over few ounces? Why do people want to mix crap that shouldn't be on firearms just because then wonder why they won't work??? Use some WD40 before that stuff and and thats not great. Or use some Canola oil. Should work as well and...
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    Bar and Chain oil

    I'd say NO. Guns don't need much oil. Last thing you want is to gum one up when you need it. Use it for other mechanical things.
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    Swiss Army...tool

    Those scissors are deadly. Just get a anti backed charge against you. This is where we are at? Sorry I feel a political spin coming on.o_O
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    What's this bolt for?

    Yup a Marlin. Thats why I say DON"T take bolts out and store them separately. The bolt looks in great shape so the gun probably is too. But useless now. Theres plenty of trigger,cable, ect locks to secure a gun with the bolt still in it. I've bought several boltless .22s over the years for dirt...
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    Random unidentified cartridge

    Yup looks like a .303 British/ I didn't know the Japs had a version of there own.
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    all good things come to an end

    Make sure to get some quality desiccant packs to put in the tubs to remove any moisture from the trapped air. Also be carful what you wrap them in. I,ve read plenty of stories where bubble wrap or corrugated foam has left permanent marks on the blueing and wood from chemical reaction. Good luck...