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    I have no idea where people even shoot anymore.

    OP, what state range were you shooting at? In the not so distant past, Scotia's range was a great spot in Centre County for shooting and was not supervised by range officers (for better or for worse). Should be within easy striking distance for you.
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    Binocular pouch/harness

    For those who carry binos hunting or while recreating outside, curious to see if you have any recommendations. I have very few outdoor stores around me and those that are around have limited stock. I've done my share of Google research but never hurts to see what others are actually using in...
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    Any recommendations for where to get an M-1 Carbine inspected/repaired?

    I know this is a simple question, but curious if you've ruled out the magazine by changing out the spring? **edited to add: I see you've probably addressed that via new springs. Assuming you've changed both your mag springs and recoil spring, the advice by trackskippy below is sound.
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    Boating knife.

    For about 25 bucks, the Mora floating knives are great. There is a serrated version as well. Fixed blade though, in case that's non-negotiable. Link: Mora
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    Help me out - first air rifle

    Thanks all for the responses. I think for dipping my toes into the water, this Nitro Piston Crosman Shockwave (Link) seems to fit the bill. Now to decide .177 or .22!
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    Help me out - first air rifle

    Spats, thank you for all the info....exactly the feedback I was hoping to receive.
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    Help me out - first air rifle

    Thanks for all the info. 60 yards happens to be the extent of how far I can reasonably plink in my backyard. Sounds like some Kentucky windage and appropriate expectations are in order!
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    Help me out - first air rifle

    Thanks! Will give that a look.
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    Help me out - first air rifle

    Thanks for the link and recommendation. I've gone through with that tool amd of course gotten a few candidates.....problem is I don't know anyone with any of them nor have a place close enough to handle will go that route and take a chance possibly but wanted to poll this fine...
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    Help me out - first air rifle

    Thanks- to be clear, that 60 yards is for general plinking at larger cans/jugs in the backyard.....not for hunting or for single hole accuracy. I'm not implying this needs to be a laser.
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    Help me out - first air rifle

    Thought the group could inform me on the latest and greatest for my use case and hoping you can bring clarity to the rabbit hole that an internet search leads you down.... I'm interested in plinking (with reasonable accuracy) out to 60 yards. Don't need Olympic accuracy but not beyond "pie...
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    Would anyone know who "PB", long-rifle maker, could be? Trying to Identify Family Rifle.

    You all will have to excuse my lack of knowledge. Is the barrel semi-permanently affixed in there or can the pin be drifted out? Again, what an incredible piece of family history to have. Love the oak stock.
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    Would anyone know who "PB", long-rifle maker, could be? Trying to Identify Family Rifle.

    That is a really neat piece of family history. Thanks for sharing. I might be missing it in the photos.....where is the pin securing the barrel to the stock? I have a TC Hawken and the escutcheon pin was what my eye missed.
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    Herters .22 LR

    I'm shooting it right now through my Mark IV and getting a dud rate of 5-10 percent. Accuracy is ok for plinking but haven't found the same accuracy as Mini Mags. Just my gun and my experience. YMMV with another gun.
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    Need info: Wind turbine impact on whitetails, turkey, grouse, etc.

    Research the developer if this is something you want to pursue. There are the flippers (not great) and the owner/operators of the eventual wind farm (better), and tiers within each category. Research them and the economics well. Figure out if your particular property is vital to the project...
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    Savage 720

    If you have $225 and want it, buy it. Good gun. Pretty cheap to get into a good shotgun, any reblueing or finish loss notwithstanding. Plan on replacing springs and friction ring if you want to shoot it....if original, they're old!
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    Can you pick one antique

    This is a great thread. Among many great suggestions and choices, I would have to go with a Pennsylvania (Kentucky) Long Rifle. Classic and svelte lines, good shooter, firm place in the history of our country. Make mine .45 or .50 caliber with a double set trigger.
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    Throwing axe/throwing knives

    Sheet rock hammers are just about the best, in my view. Super easy to throw.
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    Homemade Bow

    Wow! Some very good resources right off the bat. @kBob .....Eagle Scout here and will see about old Archery badge book didn't include that 20 years ago! @JeffG ....beautiful bow and like the snake back.....any random tips and tricks welcome from your experience...same to...
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    Homemade Bow

    We have an assortment of talented folks on this board. I am curious if anyone has made a bow from scratch? I have been pondering this as a winter project and was curious if anyone has experience or insight to share. I have done a rudimentary amount of research and have access to a few...