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  1. HPJeep

    Just venting a little bit and man I am not a fan of Lena Miculeck right now lol…ugh

    My wife noticed the Rose edition two days ago. I think she's going to get one.
  2. HPJeep

    New to me…Browning MKIII hard Chrome / Target sights

    Nice HP and great grips too.
  3. HPJeep

    Is Glock the Colt 1911 of the 1980s & earlier?

    So I was thinking about this today.. Seems like Glock is acting exactly like Colt did in the 1980s and earlier in failing to listen to consumers desires and failing to read the changes in the gun market. People wanted more features in their 1911s as seen in competition and defensive arms...
  4. HPJeep

    Greatest invention in firearms history

    Hi Points. There I said it!
  5. HPJeep

    Mossberg 464?

    Aren't they basically a Marlin 336 clone?
  6. HPJeep

    How to spot an online auction scammer

    Thank you for the good info.
  7. HPJeep

    TISAS' "Armed Services" 1911A1

    Is Tisas Service or Auto Ordnance GI a more accurate WWII copy externally? I'm not too worried about Series 70 or 80 internally.
  8. HPJeep

    Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Mexico’s Suit Against US Gunmakers

    Not seeing how gun companies who manufacture and sell legal products in the US are liable for their products being snuggled into Mexico.
  9. HPJeep

    Moto camping in grizzly territory... Ruger GP-100

    VStrom is a great bike. Did a little camping on my KLR 650 and Buell Ulysses. Find a clamp to mount your light on the Ruger. Maybe Midway USA has em. Live near Yellowstone and have family near the Little Snowies who ranch. Their ranch hands killed 3 black bears last year with a ... 22LR...
  10. HPJeep

    Girsan MCP35 High Power

    I have 4 Girsans and they're great shooters. I like em better than my FEG clones.
  11. HPJeep

    Seems time for Ruger to reintroduce the 44 Mag carbine

    If Ruger ever reintroduce it they'd be smart to make the receiver modular to enable for 44 mag, 357 mag, 10mm, 9mm and 30 carbine. And have it use common non-rotary mags. Of course this would never happen but it would be neat
  12. HPJeep

    First new gun of 2024! 😁

    When did Ruger use MIM on the SP series? I've got one in 9mm but the trigger guard raps my middle finger knuckle. I think a different grip will cure that. I think mine is a 1990s vintage. My first gun for 24 will be Girsan's aluminum framed Hi Power with red dot cut and light rail.
  13. HPJeep

    Comparing Springfield SA-35 and 1911 frame size

    Congratulations on your HP. Get a set of Spegel grips or Lok grips to replace the factory units.
  14. HPJeep

    LCP alternatives

    S&W M&P 380 EZ. Wife has one and it's so easy to rack the slide. I believe it's slightly bigger than their 380 Bodyguard which means a full grip. Recoil is like a 22LR. God sights too. It's a bit ugly IMO but a good candidate.
  15. HPJeep

    Colt Competion

    A 9mm 1911 is a sweet shooter. I have an original series 70 9mm Colt built around 1969 and it's a honey of a shooter.
  16. HPJeep

    New Nighthawk Thunder Ranch

    I'd like a NH Hi Power. OP's 1911 looks great.
  17. HPJeep

    Manchester Commando Mark-45

    I remember those and my uncle had one back in the early 80s. It was not reliable. Keep in mind this is a sample size of one. No parts interchange with original Thompsons with the possible exception of the buttstock. Neat looking gun though.
  18. HPJeep

    Current gun statistics from Greece

    Interesting info. With all of the islands that compse Greece I'd imagine snuggling would be quite easy to do. I almost bought a Greek surplus G3 back in the day. Should have done it.
  19. HPJeep

    Mini 14 Hannibal Rail

    Hannibal rail works very well. Or add the wood handguard if you want to go old school.
  20. HPJeep

    Swedish m96 mauser opinions

    I have a M96 bayonet for sale if you are interested. DM me.