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    1911-A1 Series 70 Slide stop problem. Colt brand mfg. 1980

    I always keep a small chisel/scraper on my bench made from a piece of 1/8” brass rod. I use it to scrape crud from small cavities and push plungers in when installing slide stops and safeties. The brass won’t leave a mark if (when) it slips.
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    Alumahyde II for Makarov

    Bead blasting doesn’t leave the necessary profile for the coating to adhere to. Some type of sharp grit must be used. I use fine sand (in a negative pressure cabinet) before any coating. Ground glass, Black Beauty, or aluminum oxide can be used but sand is much cheaper.
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    Tung Oil Finish is done, but a different final coat?

    A rub down with Brownells Triple-F compound will even up the finish and leave a nice matte finish. Finish off with paste wax.
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    Stevens 325c, Savage 340, Springfield 840 trigger group

    Best bet would be to find someone with the same rifle and look over that trigger group. Not rocket science but not exactly intuitive either.
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    AR-15 Gas key screws sheared

    If the BCG has a history of shearing gas key bolts, something is out of spec. I would just scrap the old carrier, broken screws and all.
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    1886 Winchester Cleaning question

    +1 on using the Dewey bore guide. To prevent crud from falling into the action, screw the brush or patch loop in the breech opening and pull out towards the muzzle. Slower but keeps the action clean. Also, sometime in the past 50 years, I bought some cleaning jags that had a slot in the center...
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    Texas progressive 12 ga shotgun press handle won't pull

    As already said, very similar to the MEC 600. Don’t think they had any type of lockout so probably just rust and gunk. I have not seen a Texan press since the mid 70‘s so it’s not exactly new. I do remember that us MEC users bought Texan charge bars since they had replaceable bushings instead...
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    Lubricant for carbide dies?

    In my 60+ years of reloading I have tried most of the lubes, both commercial and home made. IMO, there is nothing better than the waxes. Hornady and Imperial both work very well and are very economical. When sizing with a carbide die, I dab my finger tip in the wax tin every four or five rounds...
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    Keeping reloads in like new condition

    Fitz and Brasso were both mentioned in responses. These polishes should be avoided on cartridge brass because they contain ammonia which can cause the brass to become brittle.
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    Scope Base Screw Stripped

    For stripped Allens I normally use method 3, but only with a drill press or mill. Be sure to verify the screw size and use the proper drill bit to remove the head without damaging the mount. (#31 for 6-48 screws). Don‘t use method 1, Dremel slot, before drilling. The chances of staying...
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    Cheapest, easiest way to trim a lot of .223 brass?

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned it, the Lee case trimmer is the cheapest out there, especially for one caliber. Total investment, $12.00. It’s not adjustable and the brass must be deprimed but the price is right and it works.
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    Sweet spot for .22LR rifle value?

    CZ 457 is probably the best value out there. Not cheap but a very smooth accurate rifle for the money.
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    What’s going to happen when you get the flash hider off? Will you instantly have an illegal SBR? Most pinned flash hiders are extending short barrels. I will agree with the comments on using Oxy-Acetylene. Need to heat up fast to minimize heat damage, probably should use heat block paste also.
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    Proper Firing Pin Protrusion?

    The OP asked specifically about a 10-22. The answer of .005” less than the bolt recess is correct, don’t need all the other rabbit trails.
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    Handguard mfg?

    CDNN has a good selection of moderately prices handguards similar to the one pictured.
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    Hate to argue with the factory, but 180 grit lapping compound (not lashing, autocorrect got you I’ll bet) is very aggressive. I have polished numerous chambers with emery cloth on a mandrel but never coarser than 400 grit. For 22 chambers, I use an 800 grit Flexhone.
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    REM 770 serial search.

    The date code is not incorporated in the s/n. The code is small numbers stamped near the proof mark on the barrel shank. They can be mistaken for inspection marks.
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    Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chronograph

    I received mine from Brownells Thursday, ordered it before they sent out the notice saying they had them. I won’t share the price except to say it was less than anyone else with dealer discount and Edge shipping.
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    REM 770 serial search.

    Remington uses a date code stamped on the barrel shank, rather haphazardly, one letter for month, another for year. List of dates is available many places on the internet. I feel sure the 770 uses these same codes.
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    What Got You Into Reloading?

    Economy was the initial reason I started loading when I was 14 (1962). My dad and I both shot 16 ga shotguns and even then good 16 ga loads were hard to find, especially in rural west Texas. Started with a MEC 400 I think. I know it wasn’t a 600. Ordered it from the original Gander Mountain...