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    AK-47 Maadi MISR S/A? (Is $350 a good deal or should I pass?)

    Great deal. If you dont want it, some others would definitely take it off his hands for that price. Myself included, hah.
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    Looking for Missourian with Mini-30

    cant help with the actual handling of the mini, but I would say I enjoy my saiga more than my mini-14. my saiga is accurate and runs smoothly. I have had a few hiccups with the mini, nothing real major, but it did include a stoppage that required a rubber mallet. I dont think I ever heard...
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    can you rechamber an AR15 5.56 to a .223?

    if you want sub-moa, perhaps buying another is the way, but 1.5" groups are still quite good. Guess it depends on what you use it for.
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    My “Current” Wish List

    1. Another Saiga 7.62 2. Del-ton Upper 20' 3. lots of 7.62x39 ammo
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    AR-15 Reliability, like Glock pistols?

    I dont own either, but from what I understand, there is a difference. Generally, Glocks will run without lube or cleaning, and generally, ARs will not.
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    Springfield XD or 38/357 Snub for CCW - Need Help!

    I love my xd sc9. it is my daily ccw with a galco iwb, 3 o'clock with untucked T. Its a great gun, just get a better holster. you will be surprised at how much it helps conceal it.
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    my new AK drum isn't working

    I had some ammo in one when it went all crazy, and it chipped the steel casings. Scary. :what: Here is a link to a bad pic. The "wheels" should push the follower up as shown. GL!
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    my new AK drum isn't working

    First off, be very careful as those drums will eat your fingers. But the solution seems to be quite simple. You need to "wind up" the drum. It is my understanding that the drums are stored without much tension on the springs so you need to open up the back and turn the mechanism till its...
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    Mini-14: your experience?

    I have my eyes on a mini for about 375, but I wanted to know what your experience with them was. Think its worth it?
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    Traffic Stop WHY Is It Safer To Inform

    here in AZ, their systems show that I have a CCW so the officers ask. Now that I know this(and experienced it, wow did it catch me off guard) I inform officers.
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    Guns in The Dark Knight

    looked like a G18 with large mag to me. best quote Joker: "They are only as good as the world lets them be."
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    Suppressed shotgun with buckshot - No Country for Old Men

    there are bad men out there, always have been, always will be. but you're right, it would have been a much more happy/satisfying ending if TLJ took him down. Still, i loved the movie. I wouldnt mind a silenced saiga12 either. : D