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    .38 Special Casting questions

    Wouldn’t that be closer to 20:1?
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    45 Colt, Blackhawk or SAA?

    See if you can get a current production Flattop, if you want the adjustable sights but the dimensions closer to the SAA. The current Flattop and New Vaquero are supposed to be built on the original size Blackhawk frame, which is close to the original SAA dimensions. Rugers tend to go for more...
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    S&W 637 vs 642 Airweight for Women's SD

    For defense, DA shooting is vastly superior: faster, smoother, and less fumble prone, especially with a Jframe. The snag-free Centennial (642/442/640) are very useable and preferred for most carry locations due to not having the hammer spur to hook, poke, or snag. A hammer spur can be bobbed...
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    S&W 637 vs 642 Airweight for Women's SD

    Someone sold my MIL a 637 without consulting or shooting or borrowing any of my guns. While she was super excited about it, when she actually shot it, she found that it was no fun to shoot with the 125gr +P JHP ammunition they sold her. I sent her a care package for her new gun, including some...
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    S&W 65-5 Stainless Pre-Lock Love

    The 19 is a great gun, hope you enjoy it. I’d snap up that 3” 36-1. Probably offer a bit under the $500, but I’d still buy it. The 65LS is such a nice piece, if it was on offer for a bit less, it wouldn’t still be there. I have a 60-9LS and adore it, but didn’t pay anything like what they are...
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    Field Carry: Cross Draw vs Straight Draw

    Regardless of how you carry it, try putting some electrical tape over your long gun muzzle before each hunt, with a bit more in your gear or wrapped around the barrel to replace the muzzle tape with if you end up firing the gun. Keeps debris, mud, and water out of the bore, but you can safely...
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    Smith and Wesson Pre model 28

    Nice, and yes, you paid a very good price for it.
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    Does anyone else do this?

    That doesn’t sound so much like forgetting, as stocking up. 4, 4” Model 10s is a good little stash, especially when one new one will cost more than you paid for the four.
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    Is the S&W 442/642 the perfect pocket gun?

    There is a very long couple or three THR threads about the 642 (and its siblings) with a lot of talk about grips and tactics and practice loads and carry loads and on and on. I know Chaim knows about that b/c I remember him posting in it. I have three Jframes: 2003 production 642-2 with ILS...
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    2021 AZ Daughters and Deer

    Great job, dad and grandpa! Both of mine have grown out of the desire to hike mountains following dad looking for deer and elk and javelina, but the years we did are very memorable, even the ones we didn’t get a shot.
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    Never put your gun down

    Since we only get one tag per year, if that, I’d have had to just cuss myself for being impatient, be grateful for the meat, and hope for next year.
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    First hunt,things not to do

    How old is she? Hope she gets a shot this year. Had to shake my head one day when hunting with my young son: he was fussing with the magazine release on the AR he was carrying, and I told him to stop it. He didn’t, and I almost busted a gut laughing when I heard the magazine clattering on some...
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    What rifles for deer hunting this year?

    If the weather is bad, my Savage 11 in .243 in the cheap factory plastic stock its always lived in (longest kill of my life with this one at 300 yards across a canyon), or my 6.8 AR (never killed anything yet). If the weather is good, M70 FWT in .270 that I fell in love with a couple of years...
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    What not to take hunting

    I do take binos, and they are not small: 15x50. I usually climb up on a mountain, settle into a saddle or on a hilltop, and set up with my tripod and spend hours looking for/at little Coues whitetails that are far, far away. I rarely find them without the glass, and I usually have a rangefinder...
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    Which model do you prefer more?

    I’m an a S&W revolver fan - all of my DA revolvers are S&W. I’ve had one Colt and liked it quite well. But if I’m spending my money on a shooter, I’m probably getting another S&W. If I’m getting a collector, I’m probably getting whatever strikes my fancy that day, and it could easily be a Colt...
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    could not stop myself I purchased a 458 socom

    I know next to nothing about this cartridge, but now find myself intrigued...
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    Top Five Cartridges for Medium sized to Large Game?

    .223/5.56 if I need to use it for absolute minimal recoil while still having some range. Deer and smaller. 6.8 SPC II - most N.A. game out to 300, some out to 400. Handloads, specific bullet choices for different game. With the right bullets and under the right conditions, fully capable of elk...
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    Let's see your short barrels 3" or less.

    What more does one need, though?
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    6.5 Creedmore

    Any softpoint or Barnes-type hollow point that groups inside 2” off a bench, that will hold a pie plate off hand at your max hunting distance, will kill any whitetail walking the woods. In other words, buy whatever you can get more than one box of, zero your rifle, and go hunting! Good luck...
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    Questions about .357 Magnum rifle and ammo

    A .357 lever rifle is versatile, cheap to load for and shoot, and fun. You can load it with light .38s for a pop and kick barely more noticeable than a .22, but that will take out a bunny or other small game very solidly, on up to very credible deer loads that will cover any conceivable need out...