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    Most Treasured Firearm?

    My '77 vintage Marlin 336 30-30 with a Leupold 4x Alaskan scope. Beautiful walnut with a slender forend and no cb safety. I've let a lot of rifles come and go over the years. This one I keep.
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    Requirements Set For Ultimate Survival Rifle

    I think any one rifle is going to be a compromise. To me, the old Winchester 94 30-30 carbine is as good a choice as any, though I also like the 22 mag concept as well. How bout a 94 carbine and a Ruger Single Six revolver on the belt. Problem. solved.
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    Under appreciated rifle?

    The lowly Winchester 94 30-30 carbine is very underappreciated these days. Even though it is one of the finest rifles ever concieved by mortal man, imo.
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    What is your preferred type of firearm?

    Marlin and Winchester lever-action rifles, followed by bolt guns.
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    Which Marlin Lever Gun Cartridge? I'm thinking about .44

    A Marlin 1894 .44 mag is a solid choice. In fact, if I could own only one firearm, it would be my Marlin .44.
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    How do I choose scope ring height for my "Scout" Marlin 336?

    That's puzzling. Ideally, you want the scope mounted as low as possible. If you're used to shooting a rifle with a high-mounted scope or sights, a low mounted scope can probably seem unnatural at first. I think it is a matter of practicing mounting the rifle so the scope is naturally aligned...
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    Dream Hunting Guns

    I was at Gander Mtn last week and handled a Browning Cynergy o/u in a 20 gauge. Man, what a gun! Light, responsive, nice fit. A grouse slayer for sure. Alas, the price was $1999. More than I can even consider at this point. Still, it's nice to dream. What is [B]your[B] dream hunting...
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    Any other SAKO fans here at THR?

    I think he means Sako sporters, not Mosins. I was on the Beretta website today checking them out. I'm sort of interested in finding a nice bolt gun in either 6.5X55 or 7mm-08.
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    Show us your Lever Guns. (pics)

    Here's my Marlin 1894 (again) and my 336. Taken with a phone cam during a recent sighting-in session.
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    Un-American to have an AK?

    Not "un American" but possibly sub American.
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    Best gun

    I find these "best" questions bothersome. What's "best" is way too broad and subjective to give a definitive answer to. That said, the first thing that came to mind was the lowly Winchester '94 30-30. It's probably as good an answer as any.
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    Shotgun picture thread

    My one and only shotgun. A Remington 870 20 gauge Youth.
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    Marlin 336

    A Marlin 336 is never a bad idea. Get one!
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    Leverevolution Sight In

    "Ask and ye shall receive" Thanks Jimmie
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    M6 Survival

    I owned one briefly about 10 years ago. Shot ok, but ugly as sin. Good gun to keep hidden in a bob.
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    Leverevolution Sight In

    How many inches high should I be for Leverevolution 30-30 at 50 yards so I'm on at 200? The box says +3" at 100 yards for 200 yd zero, but I'm only able to sight in at 50 where I live. Thanks.
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    pick one gun for the rest of your life.

    An 870 is a pretty sensible choice when you think about it, but I'm more of a rifleman than a shotgunner, so I'd probably choose my Marlin .44 mag carbine.
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    What is the favorite and least favorite gun in your collection?

    My favorite is probably my Marlin 336 30-30. My least favorite is my Bushmaster AR clone. Over-priced, souless clunker.
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    The 336 Club

    If any of you guys live in the Duluth area, Fisherman's Corner in Hermantown has a very nice pre-cb safety 336 30-30 with a very dark-finished stock. It looks untouched. $289, iirc. Had it been a .35 Rem I might have made an offer. FWIW, Fisherman's Corner has an excellent...
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    Why don't you have your CHL?!

    The crime rate is pretty low here and I don't feel it's necessary to be armed all the time. Secondly, I find it a little galling that I should have to ask "permission" to defend myself.