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    Krinkov help

    Maybe an aimpoint mini-dot and scout mont it with a samson K-rail. You might need to call them to make sure it will work with your rifle. Krebs makes a similar rail but theirs will not work with the yugo pattern...
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    Civilian MP5 available today?

    you can't, not factory anyway. You need to get the HK USC first to get the receiver, then get real UMP parts to do a conversion and then do a paint job to finish the project.
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    .17 Mach 2

    No, it did not find main stream support and most manufactures has dropped it, but it does has a cult following. Been thinking of getting one myself - excellent squirel gun. Try this link to get more info
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    Need help IDing a blade + assessing it’s value

    Thanks guys, I will follow through on your advices.
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    Need help IDing a blade + assessing it’s value

    Hi, I am inventorying all my army stuff after leaving the service and came across this blade that I was able to obtain while in the sand box. It is a lot like the BKT companion but it has a serrated edge. On the box there is a NSN number and I was able to use it and get the info below. It has...
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    bolt action vs semi-auto: what questions do I need to be asking myself?

    One major draw back to using a semi-auto hunting imho, is that it is very difficult to quietly chamber a round with a semi-auto. You have to let the slide slam forward where in a bolt-action you can slowly and quietly chamber a round. I don't do any jump shooting of game in heavy cover so I...
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    Forward assist how important?

    The FA on a AK is the charging handle.
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    Weapon Light Mounting

    I perfer for it to be under the barrel at the 6 o'clock. when I corner and need to transition I get the the same amount of light with min.exposure of body. Or you can use the light system below and have all your bases covered :D.
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    Heckler & Koch USC Carbine

    How about a vector uzi in .45 that use grease gun mags?
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    Advanced AK

    The Russians never issued or used 5.56 NATO as standard ammo. All Russian AKs are either 7.62 or 5.45. The 5.56 AKs or the "century series" was made for export only. The other AK in 5.56 one sees in combat are fielded by X-Warsaw pact countries that are now part of NATO. At no time did the...
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    What happens if I fire a 17hmr in a 22WMR rifle?

    Do people still read the whole thread before answering anymore? :banghead: I don't want to shoot a 17HMR down a 22 WMR rifle. I did not buy the wrong ammo and don't want to take it back. I have both rifles calibers in savage 93 and they share the same mag design. I just asked the question...
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    What happens if I fire a 17hmr in a 22WMR rifle?

    I am going to head off the issue and trade it for my buddys' Marlin 17 and use a different mag to avoid any confusion - thanks for the advice foghornl and Art.
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    What happens if I fire a 17hmr in a 22WMR rifle?

    Hi, I got 2 savage 93 rifles. One in 17 hmr and another in 22 wmr. They use the exactly the same type of magazine and here lies my problem. What if I accidentally chambered a 17 into a 22 and fired in down the barrel? I know the 22 won't chamber in a 17 but a 17 will definately chamber into a...
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    Thumbhole stocks - yea or nea? Savage 93

    It is a great choice especially if you shhot from the prone alot, like in varmint hunting :).
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    .416 Rigby

    Step back from the 416 and pick up the 458!
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    They made a new upper to slow the the ROF for increased control. There are also alot of after market part from this producer to make it into a more user friendly package. If you go the full auto route you might want to check it out. It really migitiate alot of the gun's problems...
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    New Chinese Firearms

    You are right, John. Next time I am running to the hill when a thread gets political. It is strictly technical discussions for me from now on :D.
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    New Chinese Firearms

    LoL, John I think we might have hijacked this thread. I am glad you dog is getting better and I will drink to Josey's health tonight :).
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    New Chinese Firearms

    John you are absolutely right about the paint and poisoned dog food. That is a tragedy and should not be allowed to happen. It is a damn shame that it did. Our government need to have better control over the products coming in and our companies need to put American people's needs before their...
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    New Chinese Firearms

    What surprised me is that there is so much fear of the "yellow peril" on this site. What happened to THR??? What people tend to forget is that the China through out history tended to be one of the less aggressive world powers. Although they will aggressively defend land that they consider to be...