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  1. mnrivrat

    I found the cure to the buying gun addiction

    Look at it this way, what else could you have bought that holds it value as well as a firearm, that you can use for years in the shooting sports of your choice ?
  2. mnrivrat

    Gun Shop Report

    I guess I should not have donated that bunch of odd and end ammo to my friend gun shop for test firing in the gunsmithing dept. My health and inability to get to the nearest shooting spot has given me a left over decent ammo supply and I still have some small quantities of miscellaneous stuff...
  3. mnrivrat

    Elderly Colt

    My Pocket Positive is unfortunately in .32 Long Colt. Someone sheered one of the small pins on the hammer block linkage. I have a different part but have not gotten around to doing the fitting work so the whole gun is in pieces yet. It doesn't look like I will get at it before it is too late. I...
  4. mnrivrat

    How important is provenance to you?

    I get your point on stuff. I am the 4th son of a share cropper and got by with very little stuff as I grew up. My first gun was a .22 single shot rifle that was used to put meat on the table. Often the price of a box of shells was not available. A local gas station sold .22 LR ammo by the each...
  5. mnrivrat

    How important is provenance to you?

    Not only the bring back paperwork, but the story of how the firearm was obtained, and your grandfathers name and rank, what capacity he served in, and what battles he fought, adds to the value. Every detail is important to note. The more history that adds to its being where it is today, the...
  6. mnrivrat

    What calibers would you keep?

    .22 LR .44 Special 30-06 20 gauge .32 H&R
  7. mnrivrat

    Movie gun bloopers

    I like watching the Italian westerns. They are really cool with 20 shot revolvers to civil war revolvers with swing out HE cylinders. And those guys can really shoot. A quick pew,pew,pew,pew, and 4 bad guys spin around and drop to the ground. It's part of the fun - enjoy it.
  8. mnrivrat

    Gun shows and types of sellers

    My 2 cents for what its worth is this. The war is over, and now part of history. History is not going to change so one has to decide if you are going to live in the past or live today and simply remember the past . Today we live in a woke world where people want to try to not only remember the...
  9. mnrivrat

    Keith's Preference In Sixguns

    You might want to look behind you because the point apparently flew over your head.
  10. mnrivrat

    The Future?

    I understand what your point is. However at that price the average person I dought will throw that kind of money into this gadget. I don't see a viable market that will give a profitable return on its manufacture. Just my opinion, and I know I could be wrong. There are those rich enough to buy...
  11. mnrivrat

    The Future?

    At present the configuration looks clunky and heavy as well as inferior in performance. I will wait for the pulse laser weapon system before giving up on dry chemical explosive systems.
  12. mnrivrat

    Keith's Preference In Sixguns

    I agree. There is a saying if I remember correctly about gold. it goes "gold is where you find it" . I think trouble has that same characteristic.
  13. mnrivrat

    $199.95 Shotguns!

    When it comes to a good working and reliable pump shotgun it is hard to beat the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500. Not that there are not other good pump shotguns, but the two mentioned are American made and have a long history of service here for hunters , law enforcement, military , and home...
  14. mnrivrat

    Keith's Preference In Sixguns

    My limited research indicated that at the Fort I live near ,had an officers pay at $30 a month back in the 1870's or 80's . This was told to me 2nd hand by a friend who owned land next to the fort and found a stash of 30 $1 gold pieces on his land with a cheap metal detector (in a rotted leather...
  15. mnrivrat

    Sealing Chambers with Melted Beeswax

    Maybe a dumb question but after firing a couple rounds would the cylinder heat up and possibly start melting the wax in the other chambers before you get all 6 cylinders fired ?
  16. mnrivrat

    California police shoot armed boy, 13, who falsely claimed to have killed three people, police say

    With no intent to be arguementive ,you lost me there. I don't follow your logic or premise in that statement. I know that the threat of gun control laws can have the effect of increased sales, but I have a hard time understanding the belief that is the reason for gun control proposals, or why...
  17. mnrivrat

    California police shoot armed boy, 13, who falsely claimed to have killed three people, police say

    A good example of why gun control laws don't work. My sympathy to the family, and to the law enforcement officers who had to face this life threatening event by doing something I am sure they didn't want to resolve in a manner in which they were forced to do.
  18. mnrivrat

    Bore condition in 100 ATR (VIDEO)

    Those are not expensive guns and the button rifling can be a pretty much like that from new. Personally for a decent discount from new I wouldn't worry so much that it doesn't have a nice smooth bore. I have seen worse on new guns. I would not consider that as a bad bore for the price of those...
  19. mnrivrat

    NRA affiliate picks up ally in Supreme Court gun case: Defense attorneys

    I lost a lot of respect for the Supreme Court last year. It's time they start making ruling based on constitutional law rather than political posture.
  20. mnrivrat

    Can a bullet start a fire?

    A remote possibility would be if the lead bullet drove two object (rocks) together causing a spark from their collision. My brother lives in AZ north of Kingman. Locals there use an area on BLM land to shoot. There is no shooting on BLM land now however, and he spends time putting out food and...