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    Impressions needed on Sig Saur C3 1911 in .45 ACP

    Shooters, I am considering the Sig Saur C3 1911 in .45 ACP for home defense and plinking at the range. I have the following questions about this pistol: 1) How is its accuracy? 2) Its reliability? I'm looking for a pistol I can count on if I'm ever called upon to protect my family...
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    Impressions of Colt Lightweight Commander XSE .45 ACP Auto Pistol

    Shooters: My search to buy a 1911 has led me to the Colt Lightweight Commander XSE .45 ACP Auto Pistol.Have any shooters shot this Colt? And if you did shoot this Colthow was its reliability? How did you feel with the way this Colt handled? Thank-you for your thoughts Praise The Lord...
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    Glock 30 vs. Glock 29 for Home Defense

    Shooters-- I believe I have finally narrowed my search down to the Glock 30 & Glock 29! I very much like how each Glock takes down easy & reassemble's easy and both are reliable! What I am concerned about is which Glock will shoot more comfortably --and which model Glock will tend...
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    Shooting opinion of Springfield XD M 45 caliber

    Shooters: I am considering buying a Springfield XD M -45 caliber . Has anyone shot this handgun & if your thoughts on it's (1) reliability (2) thoughts on handling of this handgun (3) I know its a personnel thing but how comforable did this gun feel in your hands I...
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    Looking to buy quality 357 magnum revolver

    Gentlemen: I am looking to buy a quality 357 magnum revolver! This handgun would be used for both home defense and shooting at the range! I have shot a couple of revolvers-Ruger sp 101 357 magnum & a smith & wesson 38 caliber! Some people at my range said that I might want to look at a Smith...
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    WANTED: Reliable 1911 with Easy take-down & Assembly

    Lone Haranguer- 1 1/2 years ago I owned a Sig Sauer C3 and found this model to be easy to take-down but-this handgun was difficult for me to reassemble! Maybe it was because this handgun parts and size of this handgun was smaller than a commander size 1911!
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    WANTED: Reliable 1911 with Easy take-down & Assembly

    What brand is a RIA tactical? Thank-you for your post! I very much like your signature! Dogs are great buddies!
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    WANTED: Reliable 1911 with Easy take-down & Assembly

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentlemen: I am willing to spend $1500 on a 1911 -45 caliber handgun! This handgun will be at my bedside for home protection! I have some experience from the Marines in shooting 1911's! Here's what I am...
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    Shortening Lenght of Marlin 336 Rifle

    Shortening lenght of Marlin 336-30/30? Hello! I have just bought a Marlin 336-30/30 for both plinking & home defense! The lenght is 37 inches which is a little too long ! Can you buy shorter stocks for this Marlin 336? The barrel is 20 inches in lenght! The Lever action is a...
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    Have Ya heard of Underwood Ammo?

    I have corrected the link above-Please try the link again!:)
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    Have Ya heard of Underwood Ammo?

    Shooters: I found this information about Underwood ammo . Underwood uses Gold Dot ammo traveling at 1450fps in .357sig caliber! Have you ever heard of this company & if ya did what's your opinion of this ammo? Here's their link...
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    Battle Of Athens

    This video is a true story, and one of the best representative programs I've ever seen on our 2nd amendment rights. They weren't just for prevention of Tyranny on the Federal level. Tyranny exists on local levels. I fully understand what is meant about the Chicago Political machine; and, why...
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    Ammo Ban being considered in New Jersey

    New Jersey Committee considering Ammo Ban & more-
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    Need Opinions on buying both reliable and easy to take-down & reassemble 1911!

    Seems like you can't click on above video link-Here's the link again
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    Need Opinions on buying both reliable and easy to take-down & reassemble 1911!

    Zach S-- thank you for your post-it clearly shows another way to disassemble your 1911! You can find on you tube that many people are using this wire like tool to disassemble their Kimber 1911! If truth be told I like your method better. Here's just one video (of many) using this wire like...
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    Need Opinions on buying both reliable and easy to take-down & reassemble 1911!

    To clarify my understanding on the disassemble & reassemble of all 1911's is not the same-- Kimber uses a wire rod to disassemble and reassemble! as far as price my dollar limit in buying a 1911 is $1220!
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    Need Opinions on buying both reliable and easy to take-down & reassemble 1911!

    Hello: Need some advice in buying a 1911! I am willing to spend $1200 on a single stack,single action 1911(45 caliber that has a barrel no longer than 41/4 inches)! I would like this 1911 to be fairly easy to disassemble & reassemble! And with proper cleaning & maintenance be reliable with...
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    .223 ammo for home defense?

    sixgunner455-You must have known a Marine in your life because you expressed exactly why I choose this weapon! People who have not received any training with this weapon are missing out on a great system! Thank-you soldier for your kind words-from a former Marine!
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    .223 ammo for home defense?

    recently bought a Bustmaster M4 16 inch barrel rifle with 1:9 twist! Despoite pro's & Cons of a .223 rifle for home defense-this is the rifle I am expert with! I am interested in a .223 round that will have the least chanc of penetrating my houses exterior wall and visiting my neighbor's...
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    Bullet Penetration

    Two weeks ago I ordered Bullet Penetration by Duncan MacPherson! I have read this interesting book two times! This book stresses the importance of having penetration in the area of 13 to 16 inches! Duncan claims that when using the heaviest weight in each caliber (depending on type & brand of...