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    Who got their "Grail Gun" & who is still looking

    I don't have a "Grail" gun because my tastes change regularly. I'm not looking for old weapons because I just want to shoot the cr@p out of any gun I buy! They are better left to collectors who will appreciate them. I guess I'd have to say my "Grail" gun would have to be an M1A just because...
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    I've bounced all over the U.S. and finally ended up in Florida. I've owned guns for over 45years and have had them everywhere I moved to. Some times I was less than legal! Now that I'm settled in Florida, I have no intentions of moving somewhere more restrictive! As of right now, Florida is #11...
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    Spanish fr-8

    Check my pic! Definately an FR-8! I bought it at a K-Mart in Va Beach while I was still in the Navy. I retired in 1996 but was shooting it in 1993 or 94 while I was an instructor! Picked up a TON of once fired Lake City brass at the base range for it as well!
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    10-22 plus ideas

    I want to buy a 10/22 but every time I mention it to my wife she says that I have a hold on gun purchases until "after Christmas"....guess I have to wait and see what Santy Claws brings!!;)
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    FAL or M1A?

    I bought a FAL and want an M1A...does that count??? Here's mine:
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    How much bullet will a 1:12 barrel stabilize?

    I don't hunt anything other than paper so don't know how much help this will be! :rolleyes: I have a Rem M700 ADL Varmint 26" heavy barrel with 1:12 twist. I shoot 168gr BTHP over Varget getting sub MOA groups out past 500yards. I use it for bench rest shooting only! With the new stock and...
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    FAL for Home Defense?

    FAL for home defense.....NOPE! Just buy one and have fun with it! Mine is fun at the range once in a while but for home defense, get a shot gun or a .45acp!
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    Spanish fr-8

    I paid $94.00 for mine at K-Mart back in the early 90's. $500 dollars seems a bit high to me. Fun little gun but it kicks hard!
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    Can not carry at work

    The company I work for won't even allow a pocket knife! This is directly from the company handbook: "Prohibited Items: Under NO circumstances will any of the following items be allowed at a client site, including a vehicle parked at a client site: - Firearms of any kind - Night...
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    DON'T DO IT!!! Reloading when tired :(

    Doing anything when you're tired is bad!;) In my experience, things tend to spiral out of control when I'm tired! When I feel tired or rushed for time, I don't do anything that requires thinking!:rolleyes:
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    I Know absolutly nothing, notta, zip, zilch!

    The biggest thing to keep in mind with reloading is it is an exercise in attention to detail! Read the beginning of the Lyman manual and start off with the 9mm. It's fairly easy to reload. I would also suggest you get, in addition to your kit, a case gauge for the 9mm...
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    Paperback Reloading books...??????

    I have a few of them and use them to keep notes in. They are "dated" but the nice thing is, they are caliber specific and if you find updated info, you can write it in where it needs to go. That's what I use them for anyway...
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    Do you always buy what you plan on buying?

    I very rarely go into a gun store with a particular gun in mind. I like to fondle them a bit and see if what's a good fit for me. If a gun feels good in my hands I'll probably buy. My next gun will be a 10/22 but they're pretty easy to find so I'm not really actively seeking one out.
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    What does your caliber collection look like?

    5.56x45/.223 .308/7.62x51 NATO 7.62x39 30-06 12 gauge 16 gauge .410 gauge 22lr 380acp 9mm 45acp 38spl 357mag Reload for all except the rimfire and shotguns.
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    Loaded guns in a safe?

    All of my guns are loaded in my safe, even the single shot shotguns! All guns are loaded until I have verified twice that they aren't!
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    A little freaked out at the range today.

    I know there are people who flat out object to going to a "supervised" range because they know how to handle guns properly. I personally prefer going to and belonging to a range with rangemasters watching over the firing line. I know my capabilities but have no idea about the guy next to me and...
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    A Cautionary Tale

    I stupidly filled my rifle rests with lead shot and crushed walnut shells. After a day at the range with my 18lb rear rest, I decided that I didn't need the shot so I grabbed my wife's strainer and used it to separate the shot from the walnut! Worked great but Shhhhhhh, I didn't tell her! I just...
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    Remington 700

    I have 2 in my safe right now and have never had a single problem with them. I too assume all guns are loaded and am VERY muzzel aware! My first reaction to the story was - another CNBC attack on gun manufacturers. I have seen several stories on the "safety issue" but most of the problems...
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    Are you asked to surrender your expired carry permit? Would you, if asked?

    I had to answer that I haven't renewed, don't know because my CCW permit doesn't expire until 2016. If, I'm required to return my old one when I renew, I biggie to me.
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    First firearm -- must I try before I buy?

    ALWAYS ask before you dry fire a gun at a gun store! Quick way to wear out your welcome! ;)