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    What are the DUMBEST hunting regs in your state?

    NY Spring turkey season is only from sunrise until noon.
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    hunting and fishing in western nc

    A rcenet sudty has fnuod taht ayntnihg wtirten can be comnehpreded as lnog as the fsirt and lsat lrtetes are in the crrocet palce beaucse the biarn dseon't raed ecah inviddiual letetr but the enrite wrod whehter it is tpyed on a blarerckby or not.:cool:
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    Man sentenced after arsenal found in Bellevue storage locker

    I doubt there was a legal way for him to have parted with his collection even if he wanted to. The Russians may not be the only ones to worry about, I heard they are remaking Red Dawn sometime soon and it now has the Chinese.
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    Iraqi Mauser?

    Recently, as we took over for the old unit, I saw a rifle hanging on the wall apparently some sort of trophy. I recognized it immediately as a Mauser. Unfortunately, our Commander didn't like it so it was turned in to be destroyed before I got to look at it up close. It looked like it could...
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    Next $100 milsurp?

    Currently, I have a M44 and a 91/30. They are a blast to shoot, the only other Mosin I am still thinking about acquiring would be a FINN. However, Fins are far from $100 and not as easy to find.
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    Next $100 milsurp?

    I've been wondering, what is going to be the next milsurp to hit the market that goes for about $100 that has ammo that can be found? One can only have so many mosin nagants:cool:. Also, any chance we'll ever seen cheap spam cans of ammo in any caliber again? I'm trying to see if anyone...
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    Legal ?: Can an apartment ban firearms in the lease

    what they don't know doesn't hurt them, but could get you evicted if they find out. My best guess from reading similar threads like this is it is private property and they can make whatever rules they want.
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    miltary arms for hunting??

    yea pretty close, and you won't find a warmer pair of boots than the mickey mouse boots
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    Put your turkey pics here - Spring 2009

    hopefully I'll have a pic tommorrow morning, opening weekend up here in the empire state.
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    miltary arms for hunting??

    works just fine, although I wasn't using surplus FMJ but wolf gold soft points.
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    Questions for Black Bear hunters & use of bait

    bait isn't allowed for bear in NY, and I've never taken one either.
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    Gun Storage Options

    thanks for the help, I should be able to come up with something to work from this advice. Also, good thing I'm not in Michigan.
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    Gun Storage Options

    I need to store a gun collection temporarily of about a dozen or so firearms with a friend of mine for a little over a year as I will not be living somewhere where I can bring my firearms. Most of these firearms are surplus type bolt guns and one is a MN 91/30. I could live with storing the...
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    Hunting with a Mosin Nagant

    Animals act alot differently when shot or in pain than people do. When a person is shot they normally don't run in any direction as fast as possible. If a person would be hit in the toe or pinky finger I'm sure they'd drop to the ground in pain, try to figure out what happened, address the...
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    is a 30-06 Arisaka safe?

    Join the club, I remember having a similar let down when i found a mosin nagant chambered in 30-06:rolleyes:
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    Temporary range deafness

    Nowadays, they do have such a thing. Its called the "mitch" helmet.
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    Hunting Coyote in Deep Snow

    Well, no luck at all today. I ended up shooting 2 squirrels and trying to use them for bait, nothing touched them. I saw three turkeys that I stalked within 25 yards of. I decided to use the coyote howl button to see what they'd do, and it didn't bother them at all! I don't know if that...
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    Hunting Coyote in Deep Snow

    slow connection
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    Hunting Coyote in Deep Snow

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    Hunting Coyote in Deep Snow