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    Walther PPS or Springfield XDs 9?

    This is what I got -- VERY happy with it. (stock photo from Internet) The deal breaker was the special that Springfield Armory has going on now -- Four new mags, mag holster, and gun holster... ALL FREE with the purchase of a new Springfield Armory pistol. LOVING IT! Thanks to all who offered...
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    Walther PPS or Springfield XDs 9?

    I'VE MADE MY DECISION... Pictures will be coming tomorrow night!
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    Walther PPS or Springfield XDs 9?

    So, I am looking to reconfigure my concealed carry. Specifically, because I want something with a pic rail that can hold a small weapon light. I've narrowed it down to the PPS or the XDs 9. Looking for wisdom. Pros and cons of each? Thank you!
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    Just a reminder. Take care of your gear.

    What others said. In all my life essential gear (flashlights, gun lights, red dots, etc.), I always use lithium batteries. They last longer, are more temperature resistant, and never leak and destroy my equipment. They do cost more, but they really are worth it. Save the alkalines for things...
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    AR-15 Magazines in Bulk?

    I prefer the Brownells mags with Magpul followers. Out of stock, unfortunately....
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    What is the last gun that you bought?

    Sig P220. LEO trade-in. Looks almost like new. $350.
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    Why not more 5.7x28?

    One of the benefits of the 57 is that you can stack a lot more rounds in a mag. Why would I want a .22 TCM if it only holds the same as a +P 9mm? Or, am I wrong?
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    My lightweight 300 blackout build requires some input

    Well, I'll be. I'm waiting to hear how this thing shoots and handles stress. Personally, if I wanted a lightweight AR (and I'm thinking of building one), I'd probably go with a magnesium lower and a Mission First Tactical buttstock. I figure mine would weigh in just under six pounds.
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    PSA levels of quality

    Regarding BCM, I own many BCM products. I do not own a BCM rifle. That said, I consider their barrels, BCGs, and charging handles to be of the highest quality.
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    PSA levels of quality

    I normally only buy CHF barrels made by FN from PSA. That said, I bought a PTAC (at the time I bought it, NO ONE on the Internet had a kind thing to say about PTAC) and it is a damn tack driver. I kid you not. It shoots the tightest groups of any AR I've bought. It's right up there with my...
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    Glock Conversions

    I've got a Glock 29, and I think it is the greatest thing ever. I bought some Lone Wolf barrels for .357 Sig and .40 S&W. My Glock 29 handles everything I throw at it. EVERYONE should own a Glock 29. Greatest Glock ever made, IMHO.
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    I can tell you that I have shot the absolute piss out of my IO Inc AK 47 and have never had a problem.
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    There are a lot of excellent American made AK 47s. I will tell you what. A few years ago, I bought an IO Inc AK 47. Now, if you do an quick Internet search on IO Inc AK 47s, you'll find that pretty much everyone hates them. I love mine. Accurate, and runs like a top. One of the most...
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    Ar15 barrel recommendation

    BCM all the way.
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    NRA Life Membership, is it worth it?

    Here's what I do. I have the NRA lifetime membership payment plan. The NRA doesn't get too snooty with you if you don't pay regularly. So, every election year I send money in to the NRA because that's when they need it, and that's when I'm motivated to do so. The NRA gets my money. I...
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    Sent my Stag Arms 9mm in for jamming's what they did ti fix it.

    Keep the name of that gunsmith at Stag. From now on, whenever you have a problem with a Stag firearm, mail it back for service directly to him. :) He did it right, IMHO.
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    AR cycling issue

    Maybe a gas port issue? Doesn't happen often, but they are sometimes too small. Definitely sounds like a gas issue. Is the gas block aligned? Since you switched out the BCG, I doubt that it's the gas rings on the bolt. Are you using a full-auto carrier? Sometimes called a "heavy" or "M...
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    AR cycling issue

    Do we know what the gas system is, or did I miss that?
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    AR15 parts sourcing

    This is an excellent barrel for the money.
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    Advice and Indulgence about possible AR

    Literally, there are gobs of them. Palmetto State Armory sells kits and complete lowers for less than that. Sans shipping, it's probably possible to put a PSA AR 15 together for less than $400.