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    Gun safe vs. poured vault

    I'd hate to see the vehicle involved in that smash and grab. I can't imagine there'd be much left of it with 12" concrete walls.
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    Moving to Michigan from Arizona

    Oh yeah, and what part of the state are you moving to? Always nice to have more members in MI!
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    Moving to Michigan from Arizona

    The "permit to purchase" is actually more of a "license to own." You'll need one for each handgun or rifle under 30" in minimum operable length (stock folded, etc). I don't know about other police departments, but mine will give me them in whatever quantity I ask for, so you could just get...
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    Classic case of self defense.

    The investigation probably relates to the potential for exchanged threats between the two men... the news reports above both mention previous exchanges between the two which may have contributed to the breaking and entering. (AKA you're not totally innocent if you shoot someone who's breaking...
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    Beretta Tomcat

    My mother's blued Tomcat suffered from the frame cracking while we were at the range, which actually resulted in an AD of the firearm. When we called Beretta they offered to exchange for an INOX, which we would have happily taken except that they were out of stock and had no idea when they would...
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    Pink/Purple grips for a 1911?

    The 2rco site looks interesting (also awful, but that's the layout and not the product). I don't know about anything more expensive as the pistol will be wearing the double-diamond walnut grips on it already for most of its life. Though I will admit that those Wicked grips look amazing... if...
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    Pink/Purple grips for a 1911?

    So I think I've finally convinced my girlfriend to join me at the range. However, there's a little catch. So, does anyone know where I might be able to find pink or purple grips for my 1911? They don't have to be nice, so micarta or acrylic works fine. I did some googling but it seems that my...
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    Police: 11-Year-Old Robs Walgreens at 'Gunpoint'

    If I wasn't in bed at 3am when I was 11, there would definitely be a missing persons report out on me. I bet, however, that my parents would be responsible for missing me - off the side of a cliff.
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    Michigan Man Arrested for Open Carry

    Aha! I knew it was there before. Glad to see that they've put up a new interpretation — having this out there should light up the city ordinance but good.
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    Michigan Man Arrested for Open Carry

    I just went to the FAQ - it does say it's legal but doesn't specifically cover the preemption law. Should be interesting to see how this plays out in the courts - they've been pretty good to MI residents so far. Might also be worth seeking an AG opinion on as well.
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    Michigan Man Arrested for Open Carry

    Not what I said - using your analogy, because golf isn't specifically protected on a state level a local municipality could ban it. As I just said though, it's a gray area in state law and hopefully the courts will sort it out correctly (aka pro-open carry).
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    Michigan Man Arrested for Open Carry

    My apologies - it's not an AG opinion but was the opinion of the State Police. (Found it on an older version of the MSP Firearms FAQ.) This should be interesting to see play out in the courts. I vividly remember the City of Ferndale receiving a firm smacking after trying to ban concealed...
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    Michigan Man Arrested for Open Carry

    Legal under the law - a government vehicle is in the course of employment.
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    Michigan Man Arrested for Open Carry

    According to the Michigan AG, open carry is not subject to MI preemption laws. Wait, what? The MI AG says that open carry is NOT legal everywhere in MI. Why is this? Because open carry is not specifically legislated anywhere in the MCL. MI is an open carry state in the sense that it is not...
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    Browning Buck Mark

    I love mine - make sure the grip screws are tight or you can have interesting trigger issues. (Heh.) Also, the manual isn't kidding when they recommend eye protection for disassembly. Little springs under a lot of tension - beware of the "ping"! Nothing like a Mk. II/III and the mallet...
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    Would You Carry a Nazi marked Gun?

    Yes - I'd love to send Hitler rolling in the grave knowing that a Jew was carrying a weapon meant for his "master race".
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    CCW stops Michigan bank robbery

    I don't see how he wouldn't have been justified in shooting, especially after hearing "I have a bomb." Hold him at gunpoint at first, but after "I have a bomb" I'd be awfully likely to pull the trigger at that point to make sure he didn't have a chance to set it off before the police arrived...
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    The .45 ACP and Law Enforcement

    The police at Michigan State carry Sig 220s - so does the ELPD I think.
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    What Do Night Sights Look Like After They Fade?

    Trijicon replaces the vials in any sights that carry their parts for 18 bucks a pop - that's why. Beats the hell out of buying a new sight set.
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    C-M 1911 mags w/ GI or hybrid lips?

    I have hybrid stainless 7rd mags from Checkmate and I've been entirely happy with them. My JHP reloads, on the other hand...