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    My first CZ: Shadow 2

    No good pics of New Bull yet. I picked it up put 50 S&B 124 gr through it. Cleaned it and put it away. Trigger is crazy nice. I didn't even have my shooting bag. Stopped at range, got some ear plugs, the rounds, a target and a lane and had at it. What a satisfying day.
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    My first CZ: Shadow 2

    Nice! I have a buddy that is able to afford CZ customs and Cajun custom CZ's, so as a great friend, he lets me shoot them. TSO is unbelievable! I have an 85 Combat and a P01, I just had the opportunity to acquire a Bull Shadow and holy cow is it nice. Love shooting CZ's. New grips look good...
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    My apologies to Valkman

    It looks nice.
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    From 20 years back

    You always have great pieces and taste!
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    Northern grandson is a knife addict

    Great story, hope you guys with staples heal soon. I have a son 22 and a daughter 18 and they love knives. I just saw my nephew and he asked , what I had on me. I had a small K Bar TDI , my forever Spyderco Dragonfly and CRKT Hisatsu. I asked him, what knife I should by him for Xmas and his eyes...
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    How would you rate the Taurus PT22?

    I have an older one and it runs well with standard velocity cci.
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    Favorite current-production metal framed 9mm?

    DW Specialiist 9mm close to New CZ Bull Shadow! Just got the Bull need to shoot more. Very hard to decide on just one. As new stuff comes out and are tried , new opinions form. CZ's are great.
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    The Model 19 returns

    Don't ned one. I have a 2.5 in. 19-4 and a 6 in.19-4. Now to find a 4 inch!
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    Army Special Fitz .38

    Wow, knife making skills along with custom gun smithing! I don't know about anyone else but I need to see a pic of the finished product with one of you fine knives. Nice job.
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    S&B 9mm 115 gr?

    I have shot allot of it in the past and, still have about 500 rounds of their 9mm makarov tucked away and 300 rounds of the 115 gr 9mm; Never a problem with it.
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    Shopping for new 9mm-idea of cost

    Just saw a full size used 75 from 1996 with one mag no box, very clean go for 399 at a local shop. It didn't last long. My PO1 was 550 new a few years back.
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    Birthday Present!

    Congratulations on your find! I have one from 1947, 4 digit serial number with the large round knob. The USA banner is the best.
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    New knife in progress from knifemaker

    Cool post, would also see progression of project.
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    Pistol caliber carbine poll / semi-autos only

    Chicharrones, I put a riser on my Bushnell to bring it up. It was to low to get a view on it. Sorry no pics. I also got more mags including the 32 round Beretta mags. The Storm has been nothing but reliable, fun, and accurate. Enjoy it! My buddy has a forward grip on his that works well.
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    Pistol caliber carbine poll / semi-autos only

    I have the Berretta in 9mm with a Bushnell TRS 25 red dot on it, a CMMG T with a Sig Romeo on it, on hold with a buddy and a Glock 17 in a Micro Roni Stab with a TRS 25 red Dot on it, all really nice and very accurate at close quarters. I have shot the sig MPX , CZ, Zienith, and a B&T ( my...
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    EDC knife for $200ish

    Spyderco Para 2.
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    Have to travel to New York State, What can I carry ?

    I always have a Spyderco Dragonfly (serrated ) , very small,effective , flashlight and a small Bic lighter.
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    Small fixed blade hunter

    LT Wright are nice.
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    MecGar magazines for CZ-75 SP-01

    The majority of my CZ mags are MecGar and they are great.