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    Anyone ever owned the ares SCR?

    Then you'd have a mini-14. the SCR is in every way better.
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    Anyone ever owned the ares SCR?

    The Trigger on mine is fine. it's on par with a particularly nice Milspec type AR-15. I'm cross eye dominant and i just shoot rifles left handed and everything works out. I'm not sure why you'd want to use iron sights in this day and age, but the LPA ones for the Scorpion EVO are pretty much...
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    Anyone ever owned the ares SCR?

    I owned one while i was in CA. It's basically an AR-15 with an ultralight bolt carrier and an edgewater buffer, as far as shooting mechanics go. it took a bit of experimenting, but i had good luck with an Aero no FA upper and a rifle length gas 18" gunner barrel from faxon, which has a...
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    Michael K. Horne, SOF 3 gun match director has passed.

    Michael Horne, who was the match director of the Soldier of Fortune 3 Gun match from 1985 until 2000, died peacefully in his sleep last night. Michael was former director of the Southwest Pistol League and for many years an instructor at Gunsite.
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    Ares SCR Review

    The SCR even with its quirks is 200 dollars better than a mini-14.
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    Ares SCR Review

    I've contacted ARES about the issues i have described, so i'll keep you informed. scramsax: That's weird. i made a couple calls locally and got one in my hands in 14 days. here's a nice picture of the empty BHO slot:
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    Ares SCR Review

    First, a bit of backstory. I've owned 2 mini-14s, one 180 series and one 185 series. The 180 series shot itself apart after about 200 rounds, and both rifles were 4" guns with good ammo on a good day. Seeing as i live in california, mini-14s were pretty much it for .223 rifles that were semi...
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    Cross eye dominance and ARs

    left eyed? shoot left handed. I'm in the same boat, this is the only say that works for me.
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    Help with AR-15 Zero...

    i get it close at 25, and then zero 2.5" high at 100. that's about a 250 yard zero.
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    Garand Owners: What should accessories should a new owner get?

    get some high temp lithium wheel bearing grease.
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    Cross dominance. Learning to deal with it?

    I'm right handed, left eye dominant, and I am here to tell you that handedness does not matter. Shoot everything with your eye dominance.
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    Mossberg 500 FTF

    are you left handed?
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    Worst wildcat attempts??

    I'm not sure that the .30X556 wildcat is what precipitated ar-15s being allowed in 3-gun. I'm pretty sure it was the change of staff at the SOF 3-gun match that did so.
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    reviving the XM29 OICW

    If the batteries go dead, it's a six round grenade launcher with impact fused grenades and a 30 round .223 rifle. or for the XM25, a six round semiauto grenade launcher. those things dont go away when the batteries die.
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    Anyone doing this? Practical??

    when i had an acog on my 10-22 at 3 inches over the bore it was zeroed at 25 and 75. I have since replaced it with a vortex diamondback 3-9X40 with BDC reticle. its zeroed at 50 right now.
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    Single shot truck gun project

    I used this on my dad's 12 gauge and my 20 gauge. no tools necessary takedown.
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    Follies in the Shop

    your photo is broke, dude.
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    Who'd have guessed there'd be so much trouble making new Enfields?

    looks like they're looking for the 20 inch barrel stainless barrel ruger GSR.
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    The THR/NFW Christmas Contest

    december 30 is my birthday. i pick 5.
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    Calling Sam Cade... (Al Mar Pathfinder)

    were there two different models? i've seen some that are double edged as well.