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    2011 Michigan Bill to Eliminate Pistol-Free Zones

    Everything I have heard so far points to these bills being scheduled for committee hearings “later” in the year, if at all. Governor Snyder had made it perfectly clear the budget is Priority 1, 2, and 3, and I do not necessarily disagree. The situation is very bad. IMO, that does not mean we...
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    2011 Michigan Bill to Eliminate Pistol-Free Zones

    I agree. Summary: stay informed and involved in the process. I think signing a petition is the about the lowest, least helpful form of involvement.
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    2011 Michigan Bill to Eliminate Pistol-Free Zones

    “Good” is subjective. “Republican” does not necessarily mean pro-RKBA. “Democrat” does not necessarily mean anti- RKBA. There obviously is and has been considerable opposition to the intent of this legislation, as concealed pistol license (CPL) “shall issue” became effective July 2001. There...
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    2011 Michigan Bill to Eliminate Pistol-Free Zones

    The CPL PFZ elimination legislation will be discussed on Off the Record Friday, February 11. Senator Mike Green, sponsor of SB 57 & 58, the Senate versions of HB 4010 and 4009 respectively, will be the guest. The program should be available online ~noon Friday, and should be televised two or...
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    2011 Michigan Bill to Eliminate Pistol-Free Zones

    Senator Mike Green, Republican, District 31, has introduced the Senate version, which is identical to HB 4009: SB 58.
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    2011 Michigan Bill to Eliminate Pistol-Free Zones

    I believe there are 200k - 300k CPL holders in MI. 650 sucks.
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    2011 Michigan Bill to Eliminate Pistol-Free Zones

    There is now an online petition for passage of HB 4009 and 4010. This petition will be submitted to all members of the Michigan State Legislature and to the Governor. I urge Michigan residents only to sign this petition and send the link to other Michigan residents...
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    2011 Michigan Bill to Eliminate Pistol-Free Zones

    January 13, Richard LeBlanc, Democrat, District 18, introduced a number of bills, including HB 4009. Concisely, 4009 would eliminate pistol free zones for CPL holders by repealing MCL 28.425o. That bill was assigned to the Judiciary Committee. This is going nowhere without support, and lots...
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    Anyone have an 'active shooter' bag you really like?

    Wow. Was notified of a new post in this thread, so I guess I will update. I purchased an unused Hawkepak Civil Defense Survival Kit last year and have been very happy w/ it. I believe I have run it in one carbine class and monthly matches since late last year. It is very well constructed. I...
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    OC'ing in Flint/Clio/Mt Morris, MI...

    Dude, what do you expect. That gun is like an inch tall. :D Of course people are not going to notice it.
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    The most annoying man at the gun range.

    When I want someone to leave me alone, I spontaneously perform a couple of barrel roles and then empty whatever firearm I am shooting at the area around my target(s). Then I drop the firearm and charge the target w/ knife drawn, screaming “Die! I kill you! Die”. That usually does the trick.
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    Recommendations for the proud new concealed carrier?

    I concur with reading Ayoob’s “In the Gravest Extreme”. I addition, I strongly suggest anyone who is considering ownership and carry of firearms for self defense take Ayoob’s Judicious Use of Deadly Force. Then, couple that with some good local defensive handgun training. Unless you are flush...
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    NOPD Demanding Gun Receipts

    No kidding. Hey everyone, I have been hearing reports that Elvis is alive and has been sighted at a McDonalds in Tennessee. Now, this is not a perfect analogy as NOPD has a proven track record of firearms theft. Still, some confirmation of these “reports” would be nice.
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    A Church Security Plan

    Yes, it is a big deal. :scrutiny: Being proactive is good. eta Rubber bullets? Why? Think a riot is going to start? Or was that just a poor attempt at humor?
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    Who has had training

    JUoLF or something similar should be on the list of everyone who owns a firearm for self defense. I took it ~4 years ago and it marked the beginning of huge change in my mindset.
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    Gun in the face at the range

    I shot on my relatives’ “back 40” all my life and decided to check out a relatively local private club and range. Good deal. I have been extremely happy w/ my experiences there. In addition to others, there are two 25m ranges w/ 270 degree berms and I can practice like I think I would have to...
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    Penn Security Bank and Trust Company, Scranton PA

    Armueller2001 Senior Member Join Date: 02-18-08 Location: Illinois Posts: 124 I checked; there is no Scranton in Illinois. Lying is not High Road. I appreciate the effort these other individuals put forth to educate people and push business to modify silly policy. I do not feel your...
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    Carry at home, Married or Single?

    My guess is that if you spend a significant portion of your life on the internet you are single and male. :D I do not understand why people enter into relationships with others that require them to change for the worse.
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    Penn Security Bank and Trust Company, Scranton PA

    I do not want to derail this thread. That is not my attempt w/ this post. Consider this an opportunity to improve your argument. Are you guys willing to address concerns of Penn Security Bank and Trust Company over potential loss of revenue by people OC’ers scare off? If so, does your...