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  1. Dr.Rob

    Silver Mounted Pistol

    Yours is amazing
  2. Dr.Rob

    Chaote style stock for 870 with a horizontal sling slot?

    Does anyone remember seeing something like that in the 80's? Like a fixed stock with a full pistol grip but instead of a sling swivel there was just a horizontal slot through the stock?
  3. Dr.Rob

    Ruger reports significant drop in sales

    I am looking forward to Ruger made Marlin rifles. I want one.
  4. Dr.Rob

    Ruger reports significant drop in sales

    like I said, got it used.
  5. Dr.Rob

    Ruger reports significant drop in sales

    Last Ruger I bought was used. 44 Mag blue/cch
  6. Dr.Rob

    Show me your dangerous game rifles

    big shout out to @H&Hhunter for letting me shoot some very slick and exotic dangerous game rifles over the years. 470 Nitro, 458 Lott, 404 Jeffry (maybe my favorite) and if I recall 9.3x62
  7. Dr.Rob

    Lever action day

    Another old workhorse an 80's vintage 336 Texan .30-30 with a Weaver 2x7 scope. I killed an antelope with it to prove it could be done to someone who thought a 30-30 couldn't do the job. He ate crow and I ate tenderloin. This was my brothers first, then my first hunting rifle. Can you tell we...
  8. Dr.Rob

    Lever action day

    3 Marlin 45/70's, I sold the Cowboy limited on top a few years back. I am keeping the Century Limited and the Guide Gun. I wish it wasn't ported, but oh well.
  9. Dr.Rob

    Lever action day

    This lil gem is a Marlin Golden 39A "Mountie" shoots long rifle, longs and shorts. Mounted with a Leupold 4x gold ring for hunting. My dad's favorite, now passed on to me.
  10. Dr.Rob

    Lever action day

    I have a few but by far my favorite is my 1894 Marlin Cowboy Limited with its octagon barrel in 44 Magnum. Fine companion piece to my 44 Vaqueros.
  11. Dr.Rob

    Show me your dangerous game rifles

    My only 'dangerous game' rifle, a Savage model 116 Safari in 375 H&H with 3 leaf folding sights. I don't shoot it very much to be honest.
  12. Dr.Rob

    Old school rifles

    This is a great thread!
  13. Dr.Rob

    Anything But A .30-06.....

    8mm mauser is a close bet, though I do have a 375 H&H and a .243.
  14. Dr.Rob

    The .30-06…the king of cartridges is it fading to the sidelines?

    30-06 is still my favorite hunting cartridge
  15. Dr.Rob

    Please explain the price of this marlin.

    Buyer beware, if the ad says no local pick ups maybe it's a part time dealer that doesn't want a random person coming to his house?
  16. Dr.Rob

    Please explain the price of this marlin.

    I have bought a few guns off gb, but I paid the buy it now price after a lot of shopping.
  17. Dr.Rob

    Need to Identify Shotgun

    this was a new one to me!
  18. Dr.Rob

    Think I may have scored...

    I have never seen a blue finish like that is the mottled appearance part of the process it or due to it aging? It's really attractive.
  19. Dr.Rob

    Flare Pistols?

    I have a brass barrel in pristine shape but it doesn't quite fit the steel framed ones. So much for building one from parts ;(