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    Do any self defense rules ever “change”

    A door can be repaired enough to hold, if you are even slightly handy. Warning shots just tilt your hand. Issue a "cease and desist" command. Then, if they break down the door, light 'em up with the 870.
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    "My gun jammed..."

    Remington 870. 1911 to back it up. Sig P238 for 2nd backup. Wife's Sig P238 to backup the 2nd backup. Our cat would make a pretty good claw-missile.
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    what is your defensive mindset?

    ...with vigor and resolve that surpasses all pursuits. No duty supercedes this. Nothing is more sacred. Nothing is more important. Should some wayward ******bag come along and attempt to defile and ravage the beauty of our peaceful lives, I would hope that his justice came to him in an immediate...
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    Handling handshakes from strangers...?

    Strangers? I don't readily shake hands with a stranger. I feel out the situation first, especially if this person comes out of nowhere. I treat door-to-door soliciters the same -- or even worse, depending on what time they show up. When dealing with strangers, I am accutely aware that...
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    What Happens If You Damage A Neighbor's Property In a HD Shooting?

    the cart NO NEED TO PUT THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE. I will never hesitate to defend my life or the life of the innocent for fear of property damage. Now let me be blunt: We can go in circles all day about civil liabilities, but you would still be considered by many (if not most) a total...
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    Do Criminals Sometimes Shoot Cooperative Victims to Eliminate Witnesses?

    1. Make reasonable efforts to not become a victim of violent crime in the first place 2. Once identified, make every effort to escape or defeat a violent criminal's intent to harm you or others 3. If all else fails, you know what to do Nowhere in this list does it allude to anything...
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    Concealed weapon

    You gotta love it when honest folks get charged with "potential commission of some future crime they have not yet committed." There are no dangerous weapons -- only dangerous people. A weapons possession charge is, in my opinion, fundementally unjust. The aim of such charges is to convict a...
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    Do you keep a round in the chamber at all times?

    Lock n' load All of my firearms are kept loaded & chambered when it's legal to do so. Every time I handle a firearm, I check the chamber. Every time I pick my CCW up for the day, unholster, reholster, or put it down for the night, I check the chamber to confirm that it is loaded. That being...
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    Boarding Weapons

    cutlass, saber or scimitar.
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    The Fastest Reload is...............

    I carry my reloads in a quality, adjustable tension, open-top leather mag carrier. Faster than digging for my backup, when I carry one. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice........... practice.
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    Springfield XD Grip Safety

    The 1911 was originally designed WITHOUT a grip safety... but our illustrious desk molesting brass types wanted something more, kind of like when they went to a varmint round during Vietnam. "Wisdom doesn't come cheap." --me
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    Writing Ruger's President for a New Revolver

    Yeah... buck up to the .44 Magnum and you'll be fine. You'll have your six rounds, and some .44 Special compatibility to boot. ..... or you could get the old slam-diggity 1911 and call it good.
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    Loose fitting vests...

    I gave up on the vest idea early on. I came around to wearing long or short sleeve, medium weight, one-size-larger, button-up shirts. I get them in uneven striped or uneven plaid patterns. I prefer the plaid, as they are more interesting and the patterns & colors can conceal better. The color...
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    You never know... (my story)

    Dude..... You are directly responsible for intervening in what was most likely a criminal act, and one that may have turned out really bad. You are also directly responsible for bringing a felon to justice. If you hadn't intervened and held that guy's attention, he would have either done some...
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    suspect gains control of an officer's gun, and you are the only one who can help...

    ...hand. For those of us who have already done it, the choice is probably clearer still. Better to die for something than to live for nothing. ***wait a minute*** we're getting too embroiled in the possibilities here. I just took another look at the OP's original question. He affirmed in...
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    suspect gains control of an officer's gun, and you are the only one who can help...

    Depends on which weapon the perp gets ahold of. We are generally allowed to use the next higher level of force than the perp. Perp has no weapon: we can use less-lethal or contact weapons. Perp has a less-lethal or contact weapon: we can use a gun (provided he is within 25 feet of...
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    Demographics and RKBA

    I just threw the gender-specific choices in there to spice things up. I agree that any gender-specific legislation would be discriminatory. We've done it with race (Equal Opportunity), so I just wanted to see how it might affect this discussion. No one would argue that women are generally at a...
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    Demographics and RKBA

    Good point, dude! That's how it used to be!
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    Demographics and RKBA

    Good point... and, depending on locality, a responsible 21 (or 18) year old might be just as likely to defend himself (or herself) against a 40 year old idiot as he (or she) would a 17 year old idiot. Age is just one factor in the development of wisdom and responsibility. Would we let our...
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    Demographics and RKBA

    Good points, you guys. My biggest questions revolve around how CCW age limits stand up when you pit them against other age limit laws. At 16, you can be put in charge of a child's safety and security, earn your own wages, and drive the statistically most-deadly piece of machinery in civilian...