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    Looking for a Defensive PUMP Action Shotgun

    Mossberg 500/590 Because they have moved to Texas and left where they were because they were not gun friendly at all. Plus they said it in the public statement. I'm buying one marked Made In Texas as soon as I see one (590). I like Ithaca and Remingtons too. Tons of aftermarket parts.
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    Too much .223?

    Too much .223? Thats like too much money.
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    Drawing Attention

    If I win the lottery sometime I'll let you know how buying 50 or 100 guns turns out.
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    In Praise of a Discontinued Gun

    Got to love the P90. Not for its looks. Bought mine when they first came out and after a few decades still not a failure. The pistol will fire anything and never a feed or extraction issue. Accuracy is very good. It works dirty and covered in mud If I was stranded some where and had to...
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    Suprema 12 gauge 00 buckshot

    How many rounds per box?
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    Alcohol / CS related firearm restrictions in New Mexico

    So you go and have a root canal. Get antibiotics and narcotics (pain meds) for a week or so. You come home where the firearms in your safe are "under your control". Now your in violation of a law?!? Not only (if true) is this law poorly written but needs to be removed until it is...
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    Cerakoted pistols and how they stand up to heavy use?

    I was hoping someone would reply.
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    Compact 45 ACP shopping

    P12-45 small but 12 rounds of .45 goodness.
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    So do you let two high points pass for 150.00

    I will admit I have never shot one or seen one sot or even seen on in real life. Can't be worse than a Jennings or one of the other pot metal cheapies. Or could it?
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    So do you let two high points pass for 150.00

    If it was person to person I would get them in a heartbeat. At that price point for 2 pistols LNIB I'm all in. 2 last ditch pistols as a last resort for $75 each and a popular caliber it is a winner for me.
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    GAU-8 Avengers for sale?

    If I was a billionare I would have one. Plus a mess of custom made .22mag miniguns just to play with.
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    A new take on so-called UBCs

    Is there a law that prevents the ID# issuer from sharing the gathered info with a 3rd party? We are all a "person of interest"
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    Are switchblades legal in Texas

    Did Gov Perry sign the bill into law?
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    Soviet Bloc Picture Thread

    Seems a shame we can't ship back the working arms we capture in other countries during war. Astan and Iraq had some interesting stuff! Anyway, How is the belt setup on that. I mean is it the exact same as the disintegerating belt like the Ma Duece?
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    Scope Feature Options?

    Do they make a daylight scope that also have an infrared ability? I would also like an option where I could insert a micro SD card and take stills or moving images. If not a scope is there a binocular that will do the same and what are the costs of a midrange quality scope or bino system?
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    Chrome Lined Barrels..How?

    Like the topic says How do they (factory) chrome line rifle barrels? Is it like getting a bumper chromed?
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    Who makes this mag pouch? It's my fav and want to buy more.

    I would also like a belt mounted mag carrier for my 1911 and my para 12-45 doublestack. At least 5 mags for the 1911 and 4 mags for my Para. Nylon would be ok but a nice leather option would be nice too. The 1911 comes first as 8 rounds really leaves me wanting more mags on tap. This...
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    Question About a Revolver Round

    What a gun dealer spreading misinformation?!? I'm shocked. :) Actually the dealer was a long time friend of the family and only really sold to PDs and family. This was back when the local force carried a lot of revolvers. My dad and just a few others carried the .mil Colt .45s format.
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    Question About a Revolver Round

    A relative bought a Charter Arms Undercover Special in .38 Spcl. At the time the seller tossed in a box of self defense ammo. The ammo box had Russian or that type writing on it. The seller said it was the best he had on hand and was loaded HOT. I'm trying to find the box now and post a pic...
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    PTR-91 First impression, shooting

    PTR needs to make an MP-5 semi version. They would sell a ton!