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    NFA legality issues

    If you can buy a pistol from a dealer, you can buy NFA from a dealer. Kharn
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    NICS Failure Restocking Fee?

    I bet they have had problems with thugs trying to buy guns. Charging for NICS denial shouldnt be a problem (if your fee is refunded if you successfully appeal), but charging for a delay would be very scummy. Kharn
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    Traveling to Maryland

    Hungry Seagull: That's the list of handguns approved for sale in MD, you can still bring others in from out-of-state. The ones that are banned (if you did not register before '96) are these: AA Arms AP-9 semi-automatics Bushmaster semi-automatic pistol; (note this is the old-school...
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    Silver Bear 9mm for Uzi?

    Is your Uzi a registered reciever or a registered bolt? I would want to have a spare barrel, topcover (a KB will sometimes tweak the topcover and cause cycling problems; they're cheap so having 3-4 on hand might be a good idea) and bolt (not possible with a registered bolt) on-hand before...
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    Date(s) of the 1st unConstitutional Arms laws

    Harve Curry: It was believed back in the day that anyone with honest intentions would have no problem openly displaying their arms, only a criminal would feel the need to conceal their weapon from other people. Kharn
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    Help Registering New SBR build on ATF form 1

    As long as you have the parts at home to quickly put the rifle into the configuration listed on your form, you are in the clear. It becomes a problem when you sell those parts and you should send a letter to the ATF advising them of the new configuration. Or you can use the 'additional...
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    Help Registering New SBR build on ATF form 1

    That used to be possible, now you must give one number for each as their database requires a valid numerical answer (11.5" is ok, while 7-14.5" is not). Kharn
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    Help Registering New SBR build on ATF form 1 thread on how to fill out a Form 1 Yes, you must engrave your name, city and state on the lower. Kharn
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    Preserving the life of an AR lower reciever...any tips?

    45B@cav: They're not anti-walk pins, but anti-rotation. Every time the AR15 is fired the hammer causes the hammer pin to turn a small amount, which wears against the reciever. 9mm and full auto use (civilian continual magdump style, not military once-in-a-blue-moon full auto use) will hasten...
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    Illinois Use tax

    Maine recently (<6mo ago) announced that they would start charging use taxes on airplanes that stayed in their state longer than X days. They found out that people would go out of state, buy an airplane (without paying sales tax) and then keep forgetting to pay the taxes on it. The problem...
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    Preserving the life of an AR lower reciever...any tips?

    KNS Pins are definitely recommended for full-auto or 9mm use. Egging the reciever holes is a valid concern with many documented cases. You'll find services to resleeve the FCG holes using steel on at least one SOT/gunsmith's site (M60Joe), but the cost is focused on those with a $15k M16...
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    What's that?

    I doubt many people that work at a fast food restraunt know what a colostomy bag is. I'd go for a slim .32 or .380 in a pocket holster instead. Kharn
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    Best .22LR suppressor for pistol, rifle, and subgun?

    SWR Spectre, 22lr full-auto rated, plus 22Mag, 17HMR and 5.7 semiauto rated. 100% stainless steel, user can disassemble it. It also has an optional pusher tool that helps remove the baffle stack so that you only have to clean it every 1k rounds instead of every ~200. Since it is 100% steel...
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    form 4473 error

    +1 to it being his NICS password. Kharn
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    Help Registering New SBR build on ATF form 1

    rfurtkamp: True, you can apply for it to be refunded but it takes several months to get the cash back and then several months to go through the process again with a different lower. Also people tend to slap an SBR upper on their lower as soon as the stamp arrives and then get it engraved at a...
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    Help Registering New SBR build on ATF form 1

    Smellyamos: For the September 2007 version of the Form 1, block4A, list the name, city & state of the *original manufacturer* of the reciever as engraved on the lower (BFI, Windham ME, for example is how Bushmasters are marked). A Form 1 is an application to 'make and register' an NFA...
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    Bringing Non-Firearm Weapons into a Privately Owned Place That Says "No Weapons"?

    Most states allow you to be charged with trespassing if you violate the restrictions the venue has placed on entering. Kharn
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    Airplane Hijacking

    I've never seen a fullsize (750ml) bottle of wine on an airline, and I flew first class (domestic, never international) at least 10 times in '04. They have individual serving bottles of wine, just like your mini bottles of liquor. Kharn
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    Airplane Hijacking

    Apply laptop or coffee carafe to his forehead until problem is resolved. Kharn
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    "Once sighted in adjustment knobs can be zeroed"..what does this mean?

    bullockcm's correct, you can move the turrets independant of adjusting the reticle so that you can set it to read 0 elevation, 0 windage for your favorite load at your selected distance. When shooting in different conditions than your zero, you would calculate the change in zero, adjust the...