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    Custom Colt lightweight!

    Waiting for it... Waiting for it... Price estimate? Waiting for it... :p
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    Beretta PX4 Storm Compact

    I have several handguns of many types, and the PX4 Storm Compact may well be my best all-around pistol. I have it in 9mm. It has a relatively high capacity, shoots soft, carries easily IWB, very reliable. I can't think of anything I don't like about it...wonderful gun!
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    Revolver Picture Thread of All Time

    A Pair of Colt Cobras Ionbond Finish, Tooltech Night Sights, Badger Grips, Bobbed Hammers
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    snubbie pics

    A Pair of Colts Colt Cobras: Ionbond Finish, Night Sights from Tooltech, Badger Grips
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    Revolver Picture Thread of All Time

    Grips on 586-4...? Does anybody know who made the grips for BlackSky's 586-4? I'd like to get a set like that!
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    M&P Compact Opinions

    I had a 9c and like everything about it...except the safety. It was somewhat light, in that it snapped to the fire position too easily, and often I would pull the gun out from my waist band to find that it was in the fire position. If you don't want the safety version, then this is a moot...
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    Sig238 or Sig232

    I have not shot the 232, but I've noticed that others have often commented that it's a bit snappy. I own and shoot often the 238. It is surprisingly soft shooting and accurate for being such a small gun.
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    What do you like in your .380? FMJ vs JHP

    "...Should be enough to make a bad guy think if he wants to live or go straight to heaven." I don't think bad guys go to heaven. :evil:
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    Compact 9x19 Suggestions

    Beretta PX4 Compact.
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    Beretta 92 is it all that

    92FS Compact...!!! Reading this thread, it seems one of the main complaints about the 92FS is that it's too big for concealed carry. I just recently bought a brand new 92FS Compact. It isn't alot smaller than the regular 92FS, but there's a enough difference that it's noticable for CCW. I...
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    I was thinkin' about a bathroom gun

    We're not supposed to bring our guns into the shower...? Oops. :o
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    Compact 9mm's

    Beretta Nano Beretta just announced their entry into the Pocket 9 competition. It's featured in the Nov 2011 edition of Guns & Ammo magazine. And Sig will have a 9mm version of the P238 HD sometime in the Q1 of 2012.
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    M&P9c experiences?

    My 9c has been flawless through hundreds of rounds, carries easily IWB and sometimes in the front pocket of my cargo shorts. Classy good looks, too.
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    Which .380 pocket pistol under $600 is best and why?

    Bigger Pockets? I'm not sure if Dogguy was kidding or not...probably not. I stumbled across his idea, and have embraced it. This past year I realized I could carry my M&P 9c or my Beretta Cheetah quite easily in the large pockets of my cargo jeans shorts. So I started doing that around...
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    Looking for input about Beretta 85BB .380

    380 in the Home? You bet! I carry my Cheetah 84FS in my home specifically BECAUSE it is a lighter round than my 357 or my 9mm. I'm concerned that a higher powered round might go through walls or doors and accidentally harm my family if I ever get into a scape with an intruder inside the home...
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    Which .380 pocket pistol under $600 is best and why?

    Sig P238 I bought a Sig P238 over a year ago, had numerous malfunctions, sent it back to Sig, they said they fixed it, but I had to send it back again, they sent me a new one, still had problems, they worked on it, still had problems, but not as many, then they finally sent me the new flat...
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    Cool view of 1911

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    help finding a sigp238

    Buy It!!! By the time you pay FFL fees and shipping, a similar website purchase will be about the same as the 550.00 your local store wants. The gun is worth it. Just be glad you found one. If you like it, buy it. It's a great pistol.
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    380 ammo

    Is PMC "dirty"? I've seen a good bit of PMC in my area, in 380 and in 9mm. I thought I had read that it was a high quality product. Is it really that much dirtier than other brands? I bought several boxes recently, thinking it's good stuff...but haven't shot it yet.
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    CNN gun poll - Supreme Court on Chicago handgun ban

    I voted. 52% No 48% Yes I like the current trend in vote results, but I LOVE sticking CNN's nose in it!! :neener: