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    Remington 1100 20 ga s

    The interceptor.
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    20 ga. 870 barrel, will it fit?

    There are three different 870 20 gauge barrels. Early standard weight for guns made on a 12 gauge sized receiver. LW barrels made for guns on the 28 gauge size receiver. Serial # ends in K or U. The "Special Field" variant of the LW models, where the shorter magazine needed a shorter distance...
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    Steel shot test results

    Typical BS. How do we know the significantly higher percentages of "misses" with steel were not in fact wounding shots ?
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    Remington 1100 21ga Magnum Barrel: Fits Standard 1100 Receiver?

    The ONLY differences between a standard and a Magnum 1100 in 12 and 20 ga. are the barrel, and the action sleeve. Except for the markings, the receivers are IDENTICAL. Same springs throughout. Action spring is common to all including 11-87. The 20 Magnums are a LOT more ammo sensitive...
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    870 sticking randomly

    Jeez; it only sticks using the bolt release. This isn't shells sticking in the chamber. Your bolt release is likely bent.
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    Think shotguns will ever be "cool" again?

    I doubt you and I would agree on "cool". A 20 gauge V. Bernardelli SxS will always be beyond mere cool to me.
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    S&W 686 it's hard to beat

    Don't like adjustable sights on a carry piece. They had a bunch of those back in the 80s that would lock up right out of the box. Smith fixed them all, never took one apart to diagnose the problem.
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    RemArms Customer Service Review

    Glad to hear this.
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    What do ya think?

    I have no interest in anything HD or tactical, but if it's your thing have at it. I was once into fast draw.
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    Sporting Clays and skeet shotgun recommendations?

    It's much easier to waste a lot oh money on an O/U, but you will be in with the "in" crowd.
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    Taurus 605 Defender 357 Magnum

    A Taurus 605 3" has been my carry gun for almost 20 years. I added Wolff Springs, which I have done on ALL my revolvers and have been pleased with it. I can shoot baby food jar tops at 25 yards so it should be accurate enough for my needs. Loaded with Glaser Safety Slugs or 125 gr.SJHP recoil...
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    Rocking Remingtons

    I'm down to three. My 1963 1100 12 that has been everywhere and done everything, my 1976 Wingmaster Magnum 12 which is my waterfowl gun now, and my 1979 LT 20 with a straight stock set.
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    A new revolver maker enters... Henry

    Nope. I am a strong devotee of what I call style. Henry has yet to impress me.
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    Is the 20 gauge the 6.5cm of the shotgun world?

    No, the 20 has been around a long time and is excellent for many uses. To me the 6.5 was just cooked up to sell equipment and give writers something to bleat about.
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    Rocking Remingtons

    An 1100 was my fifth shotgun in 1963 at age 15. With it I went from local joke to league high average skeet shooter in 7 months. Killed my first limit of dove with way less than a box of shells and a Herter's dove call the following fall. Got a Wingmaster 12 Magnum in 1974 and killed two...
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    3” #8 in 12 guage?

    If you find anything smaller than #6 in 3" I will be surprised.
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    Browning BPS thoughts

    Excellent design. Very rugged and long lasting. BUT, heavier than the competition, and they feel Bigger. I had 3 that never missed a beat, but I could never grow to love the bottom feeding.
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    Help with 1100

    Shell latch does NOT have to be staked, The trigger group pin and the trigger group keep it in the correct position. You have an early version of the fore arm support. Nothing wrong with it. How the hell did this get sidetracked onto a broken fore end support ? There is something amiss with...
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    Remington 1100 forend support

    The 20 gauge LW/LT doesn't employ a barrel support. I don't remember on the 20 gauge standard.
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    Help with 1100

    If a good cleaning doesn't fix it, a bent carrier latch is the next most likely candidate. I am a retired gunsmith who never did join the spring changers guild.