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    Why is there almost no information on this 2nd Amendment case: Drake v. Derejian?
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    Attempt to Repeal Colorado Anti-gun Law

    Do the colorado house or senate rules allow for a motion to dislodge? In WV, a delegate or senator can force a floor vote on a motion to dislodge a bill from a committee. Sometimes those motions require 2/3 or even 3/4 majority to force a bill out of committee, if it's an option at all. But...
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    Is Constitutional Carry a good idea?

    The optimum scenario is permitless constitutional carry within the borders of your own state, and the retention of some permit system to allow those who wish to take advantage of reciprocity agreements between states.
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    Bringing Someone Back From The Dark Side

    There's your answer.
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    Is Constitutional Carry a good idea?

    I assume then that you advocate licensing and governmental blessing in the form of a fee and a database check as a prerequisite for posting on THR?
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    Is Constitutional Carry a good idea?

    You cannot legislate away stupidity, nor can you legislate away crazy. All you can do is infringe on the liberties of the masses under the banner of "protecting them from" <insert rationale here>.
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    Is Constitutional Carry a good idea?

    So let's examine the arguments FOR requiring permits. 1. The American public is too stupid and uneducated to carry guns without training, thus: 2. Training will magically make them less likely to shoot someone over a parking space or a copper coil from an air conditioner 3. Training will...
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    Is Constitutional Carry a good idea?

    Taxation is a factor, but the purposes of licensing are simply the requirement of the King's blessing under the proven false guise of "keeping guns out of the wrong hands." Also, the driving analogy is a false straw-man under the American system as it is not an enumerated right recognized under...
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    Gun Companies with poor and good customer support

    My experiences: Glock: outstanding (simple sight issue) S&W: poor, didn't want to work on a walther. Had to become squeaky wheel to get anything done. Dillon Precision: outstanding. The best CS I've had from any company in any industry RCBS: outstanding. Second only to Dillon...
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    Is Constitutional Carry a good idea?

    I'm an advocate for constitutional carry. A state delegate sent me a message that was as succinct as I've ever seen. It said simply, "when are people going to stop pretending that it's about keeping guns out of the wrong hands?" A profound statement, and I do not know if it was hers...
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    An In The Trenches Approach To RKBA

    Another tactic to consider is one I've seen in another state that is now being used in my own, against the RKBA. Various groups are picking a focal point in a very safe district. Let me build a hypotetical. Let's call him Senator Smith, who is a state senator in the state of...
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    An In The Trenches Approach To RKBA

    ...Most of the limitations for a c4 (for your purposes) will hinge around electioneering activity. Lobbying activity in support of the issue, lawsuits, and *some* electioneering activity are all a go. Why not form a c4 and craft the bylaws to provide the membership-ownership levels you seek?
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    An In The Trenches Approach To RKBA

    I would advise you to consult an attorney familiar with 501c3, 501c4, PACs and super PACs. You start messing around with elections, pushing for or against candidates, there are a ton of state and federal laws. There's required reporting. In short, this is a really good way to land youself in...
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    Training in Ohio

    TDI has a range of classes in terms of complexity. You'd want to call and talk to them to figure out where you fit in. I spend a lot of money on high-ish end training, and have similar concerns when I'm talking to a new school. Usually, all these guys know each other and have some...
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    Training in Ohio TDI's reputation is outstanding.
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    Is This Really All The President Said?

    Apachedriver, It's a confluence of issues that draw a seemingly unrelated connection. When congress looks at mental health reform as a means of curbing violence, veterans fear they will be caught up in it and lose their rights. And given the VA's track record, that is certainly a reasonable...
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    Is This Really All The President Said?

    ...Ironically, we think it may be mental health and veterans groups that may ultimately get his attention and turn Manchin-Toomey II (and remember, it *is* coming) into something that isn't horrible. The reason for that, is that the second largest interested demographic in WV is veterans. In...
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    Anti-gun News anchor gets his butt handed to him...REPEATEDLY

    Hahah, not sure I've ever been called a "master debater" before. :eek: :D
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    Gun Culture - 1994 vs 2014

    Outstanding. I have some reading to do. Thanks.