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    What is the last gun that you bought?

    Last Saturday impulse bought a marlin trapper .44mag SBL stainless gray laminate.... Looking forward to shooting it.
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    I just found a reason to buy an air gun: iguana hunting

    well I cant see an iguana being harder to kill than a Ground hog. I have over 200 single shot kills on em using a benjiman marauder in .22 out to 65 yards... all with a cheap crosman premier HP... which shoot fine outa the Marauder. Contrary is not always wrong just because you believe differently.
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    I just found a reason to buy an air gun: iguana hunting

    No reason a proper .22 would not work... not sure why you think ya need a .30 cal- they are NOT Kamodo dragons.... of course shot placement counts
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    Darn lil gun shops

    I used to laugh at this one... it is literally two counters in an indoor/outdoor flea market where a building has some rooms. This one shares a booth with a lil gift shop and it has an L shape against two walls- might have 50 foot long and like 8 ft depth of display cabinets and wall racks...
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    I shot the wrong caliber ammo in my varmint rifle. Doh!

    I had gottenm a box of 20 44 mag factory loads in a trade... took a H&R handi rifle out and after not getting a group after three looked at the brass- they were split- and .41 mag... oops
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    Darn lil gun shops

    A lil shop I stopped at a month n a half ago asked what I was looking for and I said deals or high end airguns... the lady that runs the place lit up and said she had a customer she was helping sell some high end air guns... I ended up getting three over a month :) while there I saw the new S&W...
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    Best deer cartridge available today

    "best" depends on how you hunt..... seriously and most .24 and up rounds have harvested many deer over the years.and are are still decent. I would think range has more to do with choices depending how ya hunt.
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    My second airgun of the week is a

    I mounted a utg scope i got when a bud died tobhelp the estate close n sighted it in. I like this already. Shot it a bit in short mode then added the suppressor... even better@!
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    My second airgun of the week is a

    .22 Fx Wildcat mk 1..... my first bullpup. I think I am gonna like this lil thing. 26" overall unless I add more baffles Should be handy :p I will add picts later N darn if there's not another rifle they are tempting me with...
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    I stopped at a tiny gun shop Friday and the lady

    Yes they do. I have a couple tx200's and a Prosport and they are just nice to shoot. I believe I will enjoy this one! I had wanted a AAs410 for years and when the s510 came out I thought it would be nice. I was thinking of getting one a month or so back but the new pricing is crazy and I have my...
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    Jennings Arms 22 LR Semi Auto and 25 Auto Bernardelli Vest Pocket

    My first couple were like 35.00.. Early 80's n mine worked n ya could bounce pop cans around at 10-15 yards with young eyes n lots of shooting :p still have a couple of em
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    I stopped at a tiny gun shop Friday and the lady

    Nice gun. Came with the mag ,rings a foster fill adapter n the original fill probe etc. Man she feels as great as it looks!
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    I stopped at a tiny gun shop Friday and the lady

    who owned the lil shop asked what I was looking for- I said deals or high end airguns... which I had not seen any... she says "I have a guy" who has some high end for sale. Well after the first text of what he had and some picts I had to say I would take a beautiful Air Arms S510 extra FAC in...
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    Taurus Police Trade-Ins: If anyone is interested.

    A good friend just showed me two taurus snubbies he got recently... I almost shed a tear.... but in reality, they aren't bad- Have a couple buds with raging bulls in .44 they like.... for cheap enough I would grab one but since the deals are almost double what the old Smith trade ins went for I...
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    We all have favorites

    What chambering?
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    My ruger 10mm .40s&w convertable

    Please delete
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    My ruger 10mm .40s&w convertable

    Like new in box 6.5" ... matches my stainless single six convertible. Pretty nice I think. Almost too nice :p
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    CVA Scout

    I really wish they were threaded in the .44 mag
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    The GODS smiled upon me this weekend at our tiny dinky gun show ...... A tremendous find.

    that was indeed a great find!!! the used ones I see have been 6 plus...