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    Cross draw holster for full size semi auto or revolver

    I'm looking for somewhat concealable cross draw holsters for full size semi autos (Glock 17) and up to an N frame revolver. I realize cross draw isn't ideal for concealability but I appreciate any suggestions you have.
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    Practicing at an outdoor range- awareness

    It is true that even at indoor, staffed ranges we must be vigilant. I've seen first time shooters who think it's all fun and games, pull off the line to giggle with their friends at the big boom, while bringing their loaded and chambered firearm with them, sweeping the range. Undoubtedly, their...
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    Practicing at an outdoor range- awareness

    That situation was unique. Kyle and Littlefield were there helping a fellow soldier who had serious PTSD. They were murdered at close range by somebody they knew and were trying to help.
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    One Pistol, One Rifle, One Shotgun

    Give me a break, tightwad. I was obviously kidding.
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    One Pistol, One Rifle, One Shotgun

    Doomsday considerations should include a lever action rifle in .357. That way you can have a pistol in .38/.357 and a dual .357 self defense/hunting rifle. Shotgun? Can't go wrong with a Mossberg 590A1. And by the way, the OP should ban himself for at least one day for even writing "President...
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    Practicing at an outdoor range- awareness

    I prefer to shoot outdoors so long as the weather permits. I'd rather have the flexibility to set up my own targets and not be inhibited by distance restrictions. I'm fortunate to have a few outdoor ranges available to me- they are all open, with no "supervision." They are in very rural areas...
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    HK P30 and VP9

    I think the svelte "stock panel" P30 is a little more trim than the VP9 (at least that's the way it feels). What's interesting to me is that I tend like a little more grip purchase and yet the P30 feels perfect as is.
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    Accidental Discharge .44 Magnum

    This "instructor" rightfully deserves some derision. He was careless. I was more focused on the bozo who was mimicking him- he looked like some jackass who thought it would be "fun" to go to the range and clown around. Plus, whoever was giggling like a moron off camera should also stay away from...
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    Talk me into or out of a Marlin 30-30

    Can't go wrong. Do the right thing and bring that beauty home.
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    Thinking about a .25?

    Nobody who is serious about self defense carries a .25 as a primary weapon. It's likely very few people even bother carrying a .25 as a secondary or even third (4th, 5th, 6th...) option. There are just too many good options in better calibers (.380, .38, 9mm) in lightweight or compact firearms...
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    H&K P30

    Congrats- bring that baby home!
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    H&K P30

    I'd agree HK combat pistols are some of the best LOOKING, in addition to being some of the best PERFORMING.
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    I really need some general understanding of stopping power in self defense

    Dogs aren't outlawed in France. Grab a Belgian Malinois from... Hungary. Mals have incredible stopping power.
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    Looking for a good Exercise/Fitness CCW Solution

    Get a dog. And then consider a chesty rig for a nice big .357.
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    lever action options

    I saw a stainless Marlin 30-30 JM barrel in excellent condition at my local pawn shop today. If I wasn't leaning .357 in a lever I'd have grabbed it...
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    What kind of phones do gun people use?

    If so, an app for ham radio might work...
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    What kind of phones do gun people use?

    I'd start with Glock iOS and work from there. Steer clear of any os on Samsung, as the CIA will likely have hacked them.
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    H&K P30

    Most of the threads on the P30 are a few years old, so I thought I'd toss in an updated one. I just bought and put through its paces a P30 today. Admittedly, I'm a Glock and revolver man but I have a personal need for the features and functionality of a DA/SA semi with a decocker. None of...