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    I LOVE Getting packages marked ORM-D!

    You are going to have to trade in that love of ORM-D for Limited Quantity. Most people think mail and USPS are synonymous. USPS prohibits the shipping of Small Arms Ammunition Cartridges. FedEx and UPS are your friend.
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    If we win a permit case in SCOTUS are we killing Constitutional Carry?

    I disagree with this statement. When SCOTUS decides may or shall issue, nothing is implied that a permit is required/necessary. The only thing that is implied is that when permits are issued, the policy is shall or may issue. My understanding is that SCOTUS rulings are very limited in...
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    question on mailing trust to ATF

    I got my stamp. I sent them the declaration of trust; I did not send them the complete trust and I received my stamp.
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    question on mailing trust to ATF

    I didn't send the ATF a complete copy of my trust. I sent the ATF a copy of the trust declaration.
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    Kind of Conforting...

    Michigan has "safety inspections" for pistols.
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    How likely is civil discussion to occur here on THR with anti-gunners?

    This board is very heavily moderated, always has been, always will be. It's the main reason why I don't visit it as frequently. This rule is especially ironic considering the RKBA's connection to freedom and liberty.
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    Keeping firearm serial numbers secret

    What's all the gripe about providing firearm serial numbers to an insurance provider? Collectables insurance advertises that they don't require this information and I've seen many a post where people complain that so and so insurance requires this information. I guess the insurance...
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    inexpensive home defense weapon vs high end.

    If I successfully used a $2,000 firearm to protect me/my families life and the police take the firearm afterwards; IMHO that's a small price to pay.
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    Need Input Re Upgrading Restricted LTC to All Lawful Purposes

    It doesn't matter what we think, it matters what the chief of police thinks. And in-light of various supreme court rulings, it doesn't matter what the chief of police thinks. Does anybody think it would be too confrontational to mention certain provisions from the scotus rulings as...
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    Taking Action to Allow Import of 100,000 M-1 Rifles from Korea

    It worked! I asked my state rep and he responded positively. Kudos to you Domineaux. I've been at THR a long time and you've already topped my best post. Please take note THR'ers, a Democrat! I actually cried I laughed so hard. That doesn't happen but a few times per year.
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    Police shooting, er, bear thread

    If you weren't playing the guitar so loud he probably wouldn't even notice you :) Consider this city boy very envious of your surroundings :(
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    Mt Bear Attack / Death

    MountainBear, your innocent until proven guilty in my book, if that means anything to you.
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    Results of Denali bear shooting.

    I'm pretty sure I read about this in the most recent American Rifleman magazine. It was in the armed citizen section.
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    the discovery channel has a whole bunch of survival shows, but no guns.

    Are you forgetting who brought them to the town?
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    I bought a stolen Gun

    This book has a few more chapters than I'd like, but at least it has a happy ending.
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    The most (and least) armed states in the union (Daily Beast)

    I don't think that Indiana FFL's have to run an NICS check if the buyer possess a firearm permit. That makes our numbers lower :( And we have lifetime permits, which makes it even lower :( :(
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    And so it starts: The end of gun control

    Good for him. I have this funny feeling that anti's in the national media will report "firearm crime" over the next few months.
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    "We're not going to roll over," Chicago Mayor Richard Daley said.

    Daley isn't quiting, he seeks the opinion of the World Court.
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    DVR's UP...Stossel tonight

    can't find...