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    Hearing protection while hunting

    Only when I am bow hunting.
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    What is the last gun that you bought?

    Just picked up a Stevens 200 in 30-06 with a scope today. Dunham's Sports had em on sale today 289 bucks cant wait to try it out.
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    Varmits that plague your area...

    Wolf, coyote, city folk
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    Minnesota Members

    He found the bullet in the hide passed through the right leg broke the bone near the joint then a rib and the heart.
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    Minnesota Members

    I don't think he got enough sleep Saturday evening this was him Sunday morning. The other pic is a doe my cousin shot out of my brothers stand Sunday afternoon.
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    Minnesota Members

    This was my Godson's first year hunting he sat with me and shot this 7 point Saturday morning near Perham.
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    Meat butchering/processing tips

    I made my grinder with a old hand grinder and a grain elevator motor works great.
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    .243 ammo selection

    Thanks everyone For your input next weekend is deer rifle season up here. Then I'm going to borrow my daughters .243 for My first wolf hunt in northern Minnesota the weekend after Thanksgiving. I figure it would be a better choice than my 30/06.
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    .243 ammo selection

    Can anyone suggest a factory load for the .243 that will preform well on a wolf?
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    What are some good 12ga Slug recommendations for Deer?

    I like the buckhammer made by Remington in my mossberg 500.
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    Where do you live? And why?

    The land of sky blue water.
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    25-35 win

    I know Winchester was making them a few years ago but it looks like they are done with them for a second time.
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    25-35 win

    Is the 25-35 Winchester currently in production? My wife likes garage sales and picked up 3 ice cream pails full of brass for 3 bucks. Now I need to try it out.
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    I got drawn for the inagural Minnesota wolf hunt!

    I was drawn for the late season. I Hope all the tags are not filled in the first season.
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    Can't get past BP for Dummies 101

    Just don't leave the rod in the barrel like my brother did. The deer got away from that one and the ram rod was all bent out of shape.
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    Where do you shoot?

    Here in Minnesota it is pretty easy to find a place to shoot. M.D.H.A has free ranges set up all around the state.
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    Great trail cam pic.

    I just thought that I would share this pic taken in MN. A friend of mine sent it to me.
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    Any arguments over guns during Christmas?

    never had that problem i don't know any anti's
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    1 Farm; 3 Hunters; 4 Bucks

    My brother had one run into a leg on his deer stand one year. He said the stand just shook with the thud. The deer fell when it hit and was dead.