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    Had to pull my 1911

    I see no problem here. Since they had to tresspass and (technically) break and enter to get to the point of getting pointed at, you did nothing wrong. It's your property and your family. You didn't invite them, you don't know them, I'm assuming it was dark, they were obviously going to do...
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    Double Tap Vrs. Rapid Fire

    ...when they find themselves needing to use their knowledge, they double tap the BG once, maybe twice and later find out they fired about 14 rounds in 2.5 seconds. Train for double taps but realize that when you *ahem* IF you find yourself in a self defense situation, you WILL end up rapid firing.
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    Would you take the shot?

    If you're behind him and he's endangering or trying to take someone's life...SHOOT HIM! The fact that you'd shoot him in the back makes absolutely no difference unless he threw down his guns, shot his hands up into the air and ran away screaming "Don't kill me". It sounds a little like a...
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    how to not scream AMERICAN in a foreign country

    Forget Russia, don't do that in the USA!!
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    Self Defence in Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

    I live right up there. Don't worry about going into Canada. From the BWCA you have to consiously try to go to Canada to end up there from the BWCA. There's a large body of water separating Canada and the BWCA. I would not recommend a "long gun" because it'll be too heavy and cumbersome for...
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    Hollowpoint ammo and headshots?

    Yes. They will all long as the BG isn't wearing a helmet. :neener: Edit: ISP2650 just reminded me. I lived for 3.5 years on a farm my parents rented from a family friend in western Washington state. He had to sent a huge angus bull to market because it was too hell bent...
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    Deadly force against "unarmed" attackers

    If it's "reasonable" to believe that your life is in danger, switch the safety off and good luck. The object (or lack thereof) placing your life in said percieved danger is irrelevant as long as it's "reasonable" for you to fear for your life in said scenario.
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    So how would you define ‘heavily armed’?

    If I had to live out of a van, I'm pretty sure I'd end up parting ways with my “precious metals” so I could afford to get out of the van. Yep, the cookbook would definitely do it all by itself, no gun or ammo required. I've met some people like that! He punched like a bulldozer, I'm...
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    Am I paranoid or just prepared?

    I don't think your argument was about you being paranoid as much as it was that you didn't tell her the pistol was there in the first place and she didn't like the position she found herself in when she finally did figure it out. Basically, it sounds like she was chewing you out for lack of...
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    .45 Hollowpoints

    All this feedback is helpful. Thanks. I've never really thought of buying an older 1911, I always wanted to buy a new Kimber so I figure I should be okay judging by what all you have said. My last question is if hollowpoints feed just fine in a decent 1911, why do so many people use FMJ...
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    .45 Hollowpoints

    I have heard several people mention to me in the last few months that their favorite 1911 style pistol jams up every time they try to chamber a .45 hollowpoint but it feeds just perfectly with .45 ball ammo. Why does .45 hollowpoints have such bad feeding issues compared to other calibers of...
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    I'm lazy question. Cutting down to 18"

    I have a Mossberg 500 pump. I'd highly recommend just buying a 18" barrel. I do know that in several states it is currently illegal (like you said) to grind off any length from a barrel of any length.
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    Shotshells - vest or pouch?

    I preffer a vest with the loops and a couple large pockets on the bottom of the vest for any misc. items you may need. I hate the pouches because I reach into the pouch and pull out a handful of shells pointing every which direction, it takes forever for me to reload my shotgun 'cause I have to...
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    So how would you define ‘heavily armed’?

    Not counting LEOs or security personnel, I would define heavily armed as: 1. An individual that has more than one gun on their person or in their vehicle. 2. An individual that has a weapon on their person or in their vehicle that was originally created for and is currently mainly used...
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    Arcaic Small Game Laws, Minnesota

    What erks me is here in Minnesota only a .22LR or short is legal for small game hunting. Yes shotguns are too but I'm talking rifles here. The industry has come out with a whole slew of .17 caliber rounds but the small game laws haven't been updated. The state decided that a .22WMR is too...
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    Do you CC at the Range?

    I don't CC at the range because that's where I shoot my CCW and if it's revealed then it's no longer concealed. It's just carried. And even then, I'm shooting it so at that point it's just a weapon. Besides, it's a friggin' shooting range!! You'd have to be brain dead to shoot up a gun...
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    Is the DC ban on Post 76 handguns legally identical to the Fed ban on post 86 MG's

    Handguns tend to fall under a little bit different of a category than Machine Guns do. Besides, the Feds have to draw a line in the chronological sand because they can't just ban them all. They have to grandfather in the ones that are already here.
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    Do you think there would be a demand for this?

    There's already books written to provide such a quick reference guide. You could write a website but I'd personally just get my books back from storage and use those.
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    Gun Registration bill in MN!!!

    Hmm...okay. So, that I've gathered so far gun registration would have just two problems. 1. The owners of registered firearms would get arrested for crimes unregistered owners did. 2. The government would be able to dictate whether or not you get to sell your gun to your neighbor. I...
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    Gun Registration bill in MN!!!

    Okay, so the police know that you own a pistol. So what? I can only see this as being a bad thing if you're planning to use it in a crime. Besides, if it gets stolen, report the theft to the police so they know not to blame you for the resulting murder. Also, craig101, DENALI was right...