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    Turkish Guns... Am I Going Down the Wrong Path??

    I bought a SAR B6P about a year ago. Got to be the best $239 gun money that I've spent in recent memory. Been telling everybody I shoot with to go buy one while prices are still reasonable....YMMV
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    Benelli M2 Tactical Owners.....did I do it wrong?

    I've got an aftermarket extension on mine, but I don't remember the hole being quite that large on the factory tube. I've had it a few years, perhaps they changed the design.....
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    Is "Ed's Red" really any good or is it just an old wives' tale?

    It's all I use. I don't include either the Lanolin or the Acetone. It's by far the cheapest cleaner I've found, and it works exceptionally well. Dear ol dad said they used to make it and use it when he was on the rifle team in high school in the 50's.
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    Several C&R questions

    It's my understanding that you can do exactly that. You can buy several C&R eligible firearms, keep the "best" one, and sell the rest to pay for the one you kept. That's enhancing the collection. What you can't do is buy several firearms and sell them to make a profit. But, IANAL......
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    Chicago guns

    Can't do that, because then the lib's start screaming bloody murder about the disproportionate number of minorities that are in jail. You've heard it, "If they make up 13% of the population, they should have a corresponding 13% incarceration rate..." Sadly, you can't expect this issue to be...
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    CDNN sale??

    There, I fixed it for you :D
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    Bullet vs Dumbbell Weight?

    If Gecko45 shows up on THR, I'm gonna blame you for attracting him :p
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    Could soft armor ever stop a rifle bullet?

    Silly me...Here I expected to see a gel test of 62gr Silver Bear soft point :neener: Just bustin yer chops, I actually do appreciate all the test videos you conduct and post
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    Anti senator is now after Due Process & the 5th ammendment

    We don't need rights as long as we're willing to allow our betters to govern us as they see fit. Get with the program already... /sarcasm off
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    Jeh Johnson: Gun control is now a matter of homeland security

    Sadly, that's not the case. McConnell and Ryan will roll over and wag their tails just like they have on everything else this administration has asked for. Do I really have to start giving examples?
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    Jeh Johnson: Gun control is now a matter of homeland security

    And therein lies the problem. FBI and HSA are being TOLD not to do their jobs. That would undermine two of this administrations prime goals. 1) Fundamentaly change America and 2) Enact "meaningful" gun control I firmly believe that if the earlier investigations into this shooter had turned...
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    Jeh Johnson: Gun control is now a matter of homeland security

    Well, looks like if they can't come in thru the front door, the admin is going to try to come in thru the back door.......
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    Daily news reporter fires a AR 15 gave him PTSD.

    What a special little snowflake :rolleyes:
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    Be Honest; How many bought ammo today?

    I had a couple of boxes of .380 and 9mm in my shopping cart at SGAmmo from an existing order I was putting together. I was off work yesterday, so I decided that was as good a time as any to finish the process. Website was awful, slow as heck and lagging extremely bad. Big red banner at the...
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    SC/GA Reciprocity bill passes Senate, Heads to Gov. Haley's desk

    It's simple, I don't. Never been to NH, and probably never will. But NH will issue a non-resident permit to anyone holding a permit from their home state, and Ga will recognize that non-resident NH permit. That was the idiocy of the whole situation...I needed a permit from a state that I...
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    SC/GA Reciprocity bill passes Senate, Heads to Gov. Haley's desk

    About time. I grew up in Ga, and all my family still lives there. I now live in SC. I had to get a NH non-resident permit to allow me to carry when I go back home. How ridiculous is that?
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    Newbie hates to Ask ... but ... C&R Dealer List?

    This one is a little old, but a lot of them are still viable. Hope this helps....
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    SKS for an Enfield No.5 MK1?

    The question I would have, was it originally manufactured as a No 5, or was it converted to look like a No 5 by someone after the fact. If original, I'd probably go for it. But then, I enjoy having my shoulder abused :D
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    Real Bummer - But, The System Works

    Yeah, I am. But I guess all's well that ends well. Those guys were just doing their job, based on the info they had. The store changed it's policy after that. They didn't write anything down anymore, they took the actual item to the phone with them......
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    Real Bummer - But, The System Works

    Coulda been worse. About 20 years ago when I lived in Colo, there was a pistol at the LGS that I wanted. The only way I could get it was to trade in a Colt Commander that I had bought about 2 years before from another LGS that was going out of business. I started the paperwork while the...